Pre-lisiting Inspections

Home sellers wishing to maximize the opportunity for multiple offers will in many cases undertake to do a pre-listing inspection. These inspections frequently offer home buyers enough comfort to drop the inspection condition from their offer.

A pre-listing inspection is essentially the same as a our standard inspection except that an additional scanned copy of the report is provided, in PDF format, suitable for printing, emailing or attaching as a Schedule B item on the listing.

Truly a pleasure meeting with you, Rob, and thank you for your patience and for sharing your breadth of knowledge with me. I certainly learned much in terms of important issues – and I feel more confident with the sale of my house.
The pre-list summary is both clearly informative and descriptive. I realize this report demanded time and I am so appreciative – looks great! – and fair (pics turned out well!). I know this information will provide the buyer confidence as well.
Thanks again and best wishes,
– Michelle

Benefits of a pre-listing inspection include:

  • A potentially faster sale.
  • A potentially higher selling price.
  • Mitigating the likelihood of potential buyers hiring their own inspector.
  • Preparing buyers ahead of time for what their own inspector may find, should they choose to hire one anyway, thereby limiting renegotiation potential.
  • The option to make improvements or to reflect home conditions in the selling price.
  • An optional summary (which reduces the cost of the actual inspection).
  • The ability to transfer ownership* of the report to a purchaser.
HomeCore remains available to interested parties prior to the offer date to answer telephone queries about the property inspected.


Note: An on-site walk-through and review of the report is available to the buyer of the property for a fee of $275.00. This service allows for the transfer of ownership of the report from the seller to the buyer.


For more information or to book an inspection, please call Sheila at 416-274-6651.

Up to 1999 square feet
2000 to 2499 square feet
2500 to 2999 square feet
3000 to 3999 square feet$590.00
4000 to 4999 square feet
5000 square feet or larger
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Additional kitchen/basement apartment, homes up to 2,499 square feet, add
Homes 25 years of age or older, add
Finished basements are added to total square footage of homes 2,500 square feet or more

We reserve the right to adjust any quote on-site due to incorrect or incomplete information provided at the time of booking.
Prices subject to change without notice.