Home Maintenance

s homes get older it’s not always apparent which systems are near or even beyond their useful life.  Identifying items in need of maintenance early can often save significant dollars later.  If an item is beyond its useful life, it can be the cause of ongoing damage that’s not yet visible or even become a potential life-safety issue.

A HomeCore maintenance inspection looks at all the major systems of the house and how they’re interacting with each other and the occupants.  These systems include roofing, exterior, structure, interior, heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, and insulation.  A detailed and comprehensive report is prepared on-site and reviewed with the home owner at the time of inspection.  Upgrade suggestions and estimated remaining life expectancy of major systems are included with every report.

A HomeCore maintenance inspection takes longer than most standard inspections due to the consultative nature of the review process.  Maintenance inspection clients should budget from three to four hours plus exterior time.  Particularly large houses take longer.

All HomeCore Maintenance Inspections include no charge follow-up consultations for as long as you own the home.

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We reserve the right to adjust any quote on-site due to incorrect or incomplete information provided at the time of booking.
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