Multiplex Buildings

omeCore multiplex inspections are a little like mini commercial inspections and include residential properties up to a maximum of five dwelling units. A dwelling unit is described as a room or set of rooms that contains eating, sleeping, cooking, and sanitary facilities.

Multiplex residences are further defined as any residential building with two to five units other than a basic basement apartment (refer to standard home inspections for single family homes with only a single second suite or basement apartment). Any building with separate services, such as those found in legal duplexes, automatically fall under HomeCore multiplex inspections. Separately metered electrical and sometimes gas services are a good example of these.

HomeCore multiplex inspections look at each of the major systems (roofing, exterior, structure, interior, heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, and insulation) that together make up the building. In most cases, a detailed report is prepared on-site and presented to the buyer at the time of inspection.

Inspection times will vary with the number of units but the average HomeCore inspection is longer than most others. Depending on the number of units, buyers should expect from three to four hours plus exterior time for the average multiplex inspection. Particularly large buildings or those in poor condition can take longer.

All HomeCore Multiplex Inspections include no charge follow-up consultations for as long as you own the property.

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