Condo Apartment

Many buyers of condo apartments are under the impression that nothing can really go wrong with an apartment and frequently pass on having the suite inspected. Although it’s true that fewer things are typically wrong with condo apartments than freehold homes or even condo townhomes, each suite still has its own major mechanics that can be cause for concern.

Unit-specific areas looked at as part of a HomeCore condo apartment inspection include all interior finishes, doors, windows, heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems. Common problem areas include poor HVAC maintenance and moisture behind tiles at tubs and showers.

The home inspection was a great first time experience. Rob was very thorough and explained as much as possible to help educate us as first time condo buyers. As the condo has never been lived in, the inspection was relatively quick and straight forward. Rob pointed out a few minor areas of caution, but nothing too serious.
Overall, we feel it was a high quality home inspection service.
– Drew & Sasha

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Common elements of condo apartments generally fall under the responsibility of the condo corporation. These elements should be inspected at routine intervals (at a commercial level) as part of reserve fund and maintenance studies.

All HomeCore Condo Apartment Inspections include no charge follow-up consultations for as long as you own the suite.

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