Warranty Testimonials

The following testimonials are from satisfied HomeCore clients of New Home Warranty inspections.  To find out what standard/general clients or real estate agents have to say, you can check out our General Testimonials and Realtor Testimonials.


It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the very informative inspection.  We feel much safer knowing that Mattamy has been responsible in building our home! Thank you for pointing out the areas that still need some work and for doing so in detail with us.  Your report is very well put together and gives us further peace of mind as it details how we can be proactive in the maintenance of our home. The pictures look great and helps us know exactly what you are referring to 🙂
Again, a very big thank you!
Roshine & Jay

Rob was great – extremely knowledgeable and we definitely see value in a home inspection. It’s an investment in your house! He caught things that we never would have seen and could have cost thousands in the long run. Great value for money!
– Kelly & Shawn

The inspection went extremely well. We were more than pleased with Rob’s performance. We actually felt, for the first time, that home inspections are very valuable. Rob was AWESOME!!!
– Davinder & Jaskaren

Rob was extremely informative and knowledgeable. We are so glad that we hired him for our warranty home inspection because he found things we would have never known about which may cause us home costs/issues in the future (small leak in our furnace, letting us know about the weird foul odor from our HVAC). He was also helpful in informing us about what’s covered under the Tarion warranty. As well, the info he provided on home maintenance was much appreciated. I love the leave-behind binder, it’s organized and helpful.
– Charlene & Gordon

We are very pleased with Rob’s inspection and he answered all of my questions.  Although there were not too many issues found, we still found value in having the inspection completed.  Rob did not rush through the process and took the time to explain the issues and operational needs of my home.
– Teresa & Huy

Thank you for arranging Rob to do the inspection with us, he was amazing at his job. He was very helpful and knowledgeable with his material. I learned a lot from him and appreciated his honesty and straight forwardness. Rob answered questions that I would have never thought of and provided excellent details.

I believe we made a wise choice getting a warranty inspection with Rob. We would have not otherwise known what was completed and not completed in the house. This uncertainty was a serious matter for us, hence I would like to thank Rob for coming.
Thank you,
– Angela

Hi Rob,
Thank you for coming out to see us and our home. It was a reassuring experience entrusting our home and its one year warranty and general home inspection with you. We are delighted that overall our home did not present a lot of issues. We hope we will be able to get the builder to address [the issues found] and will keep you updated.
Thank you again,
– Chester

The inspection was great. Very thorough!! Which went well above what I was expecting. Rob had got over every inch of this house. We found having a warranty inspection to be a great idea. It allows for peace of mind. Rob was able to point out items that we missed. I found it to be informative.
Thank you,
– Ali & Liza

Hi, Rob,
It was also a pleasure for Michelle and I to have you come in and do the inspection for us. It was very educational and we learned a lot from the advice you’ve given us. We appreciate the professionalism and patience that you’ve shown us. We will definitely refer you to our friends, family and clients.
Thank you,
– Eric & Michelle

Hi Rob,
I am sending this email just to keep you in the loop about what is happening with my attic insulation. The builder sent his representative to my place to try to persuade me that the insulation is enough. I told him what you told me ‘that this matter is not grey but black and white’. I told him that I am willing to go to conciliation if need be. Then after some days, the builder sent someone to take a look at the attic and the builder agreed that insulation was missing and they fixed it. I upgraded my attic to R50 and paid $182 for the R10 difference.
Thanks for following up. With your help, I was able to know where and how to stand for what I deserve. It was really useful to have had your service and I am very happy.
– David

Rob was able to answer all of our questions and provide us information we would not have thought of otherwise. There was definitely value in having him here to assist with the 30 day assessment.  Definitely recommend HomeCore to anyone else who needs a home inspection.
– Faiz & Sameeha

Thank you very very much Rob for your great help on our warranty inspection, and patiently answering all my silly questions.  I just submitted the 30 day form online, and will send a copy to my builder.  It makes my life a lot easier with the word doc you attached; I simply copy / paste it in my Tarion 30-Day online form 🙂    Once again, thank you for your excellent work and help, much appreciated.
– Jun & Fang

We appreciated the home inspection and see great value in having an inspection done especially prior to our one year warranty.  It now gives us peace of mind and was money well spent.
Rob provided excellent material and explained everything to us.  In addition, he made the process seamless with a word document so that we can cut and paste.   The binder is a great idea and leaves us with great information.
Rob was very professional, knowledgeable and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services.
Thank you for all your help.
– Charlene & Rob

If nothing more than peace of mind, a warranty inspection is worth it. Rob helped us identify areas to address in our Tarion warranty as well as explain the overall process to guide our expectations. Rob understood our level of comprehension and explained everything with great detail and clarity. It was definitely well worth it.
Thanks so much!
– Mandy & Paulo

Rob was amazing, he knows his stuff.  I suspected that there is a hole in my roof, that’s what made us decide to get a warranty inspection.
Rob found some problems that we would have never known about, especially trusting that the builder will do everything correctly.  NOOOOOOOOO….they don’t .
Thanks Rob.
– Paul & Catherine

I was very pleased with the inspection. Rob was great. Not only did he answer my questions and concerns but he took the time to explain any items which he thought would be important for me to know for the future (i.e. things to look out for, maintenance, etc.). With the information that I was provided during the inspection, I submitted the Tarion 30 day form.
– Susy

Many thanks for all your input, especially about the caulking of main bathroom, missing breaker, and inoperative HVAC, which I would never had picked up on my own, and which are major items.
You were worth every penny and more! Thank you also for all the clarifications, input and patience throughout your emails as well. They were invaluable to a “green” owner like me.
A building is only as good as each of its trade workers, and regardless of the reputation of the builder, mistakes are only human and constantly made.
I am very pleased to have decided to take on your services even if my builder has a good reputation, and even if it is a new condo. If only for my peace of mind it would have been worth it, but you did much more than that, and probably saved me $$$$ down the road, especially about that unsealed bathroom.
Again, many thanks.
Gratefully yours,
– Marie-Monique

Our inspection was valuable because Rob was able to assist us with the documents we had to complete for our one year warranty. Overall Bobby and I felt a sense of relief to know that someone with Rob’s knowledge was able to inspect our home and steer us in the right direction.
Thanks again for all of your help,
– Amber & Bobby

The inspection went great and Rob answered all of my questions even the ones that I was going to ask him, he answered before I could ask.
This is our first home, so having the inspection done was just what we needed, both for know-how and what to look for in future.
Rob is very professional and great at what he does. I’m glad I had HomeCore do our warranty inspection.
Keep up the good work!
Thank you,
– Joe & Claudia

Rob seemed to be very thorough and paid attention to every small detail. He seemed willing to help answer any additional questions via email as well.
Although it wasn’t cheap, we did find the inspection to be valuable. A house is such a massive investment that it makes sense for us to spend a few hundred dollars to make sure the builder did everything right. We were happy to hear that our builder did a good job for the most part, and the few items Rob found were ones that we would not have caught on our own.
– Justin

We found Rob’s inspection to be very informative and thorough. The information provided verbally and in the binder was very helpful and detailed. We don’t have any outstanding questions for now but will let you know if we think of any as we complete our Tarion 1 Year form. We would be very happy to recommend HomeCore to others in the future.
– Andrea and James

We are very happy that we chose HomeCore to do our inspection. Rob answered all of our questions and we are most glad that we did make the last minute phone call to do the 30-Day inspection. Rob also provided us with very valuable tips regarding our home maintenance. The inspection was everything we looked for and so much more!
– Aina & Chun

Rob was able to discuss everything we could think of and some tips on how to improve the house. Questions were answered and we felt better after the inspection knowing what’s good and what needs to be improved. Our warranty inspection was worth it – we mentioned him to the house next door and he hired him last weekend!
– Joey & Lorena

We are very thankful that we chose HomeCore for our warranty inspection. Our inspector did an excellent job at answering all our questions. Rob was very thorough and helpful. We couldn’t be more pleased with the inspection.
Thank you,
– Stan & Stefanie

Rob was very informative and helpful in every aspect of the inspection. Since our family is not exactly the handy type, we really appreciated his advice on the basic maintenance of our house and the systems we have.
We found it to be a very good value in having a warranty inspection, but only with somebody as committed as Rob, as we’ve heard stories of many other “inspectors” doing a lousy job. Now we know what we have to fix, or ask our builder to fix, and it gives us peace of mind knowing that once those fixes are done we can live here comfortably for a long while–with the periodic maintenance suggested in the book, of course.
It would’ve been great if Rob had been able to go up to the roof, but that was the weather’s fault, not his! So all in all we were really happy with the inspection.
– Andrew & Marilia

The inspection went VERY well, exceeding all of our expectations. Rob answered all of our questions very thoroughly in words we could understand. We really appreciated Rob’s extensive experience and sharing his past observations as examples. We feel that the fee for the inspection was well worth the value as we have gained understanding in how to maintain our new home. We would definitely recommend Rob and HomeCore to all of our family and friends looking for a home inspection (in fact, Bonnie recommended HomeCore to her co-worker who is scheduled for an inspection of her new home this weekend).
Thanks again,
– Edmund & Bonnie

We found the warranty inspection to be exceptional. Worth every penny!!! Rob spent a lot of time going over all the ins and outs of what he was inspecting and explaining certain functions of the home. We’ve actually passed along HomeCore’s information as referrals to some of our friends in the neighbourhood and around the GTA. Everyone looking for a great home inspector and Rob fits the bill.
Have a nice day!
– Sam & Jessica

Rob answered our questions plus some! Rob was very thorough. While our main concern was to hire an inspector for our 30day Tarion warranty, Rob provided great advice on how to proceed with Tarion and how to maintain our home overall for our own satisfaction. Rob was recommended to us by a colleague of mine and we would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Thank you,
– Sandra & Robert

We found all the inspection information provided relevant [for our warranty inspection]. Also, the recommendations provided were very helpful. Loved the binder and organizational techniques. You guys are doing an awesome job.
– Puneet & Anil

I would strongly recommend [a warranty inspection] to anyone that has recently purchased a newly-built property. Rob is very knowledgeable and experienced, and everything we could hope for from a home inspector. We really appreciate a professional like him that takes genuine interest in people’s investment. We plan to pick up a couple of investment properties in the next year or two, and we are definitely going to use your service again. Please feel free to use us as your reference (not that you guys need any!).
– Michelle & Anthony

The [warranty] inspection that Rob did was great. He found things that we never would have found on our own (which is why we hired him), and he explained some of the things we should be looking for. The great thing is the list he provided us, as well as the discussion he had with us after he did the inspection. The binder he provided us with is also very detailed, organized, and answers a lot of questions that new homeowners like us have. We will definitely recommend HomeCore to all our family and friends.
– Kevin and Peggy

Rob was very knowledgeable & did answer any questions we had (as well, he knew the answers to questions we didn’t even know we should ask). We feel that it was a good decision to have a professional do the PDI/warranty inspection and that we got value for our money.
We had actually seen Rob in action when he was retained by the purchasers of our home that was for sale. We were so impressed with his performance on their behalf that we decided to retain him for the inspection of our new home (brand new). We were not disappointed.
We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone we know that is planning on purchasing a home.
– Hilda & Clifford

Rob was great… he answered all of our questions and even gave us so many tips and information that we can use in the future. We think that the warranty inspection was worth it and we are actually very happy he didn’t find very significant problems in our house and like we told Rob, it gave us peace of mind finding that everything was pretty much ok and that only a few things needed to get done and fixed.
– Laura & Rob

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the outstanding service that you provided to John and I this morning. Normally a PDI is a tense, anxious and sometimes exciting time for new homeowners. You took the time to reassure us with the information and detail that you provided. Additionally, you made us feel very comfortable to voice our concerns and it was great to know that you were on our side!
We appreciated your service and professionalism and will be in touch if we need to be. We will be highly recommending your service to other unit owners.
Again, thank you very much.
– Candice & John

Maria and I would like to say thanks for your professionalism and for the above-expected quality of service you provided during our PDI today, especially the things that went unnoticed by us, but not by Rob. Both of us were very impressed.
We chose HomeCore after seeing that Rob has achieved the highest level of educational requirements. Then we saw your website and the video, radio program and comments from other clients.
– German & Maria

We have purchased a number of homes and the review that Rob undertook was quite comprehensive, which is very much appreciated. Many have suggested that you shouldn’t need a home inspection for a new house, but Rob proves that advice is mistaken. While it is always nice to know your home is well built (as he suggested ours is) it is also very helpful to know where the builder has taken some short cuts, or perhaps has yet to deliver what is ultimately required (and is captured in Rob’s suggestions for the PDI). Purchasing a house is a “peace of mind game” and Rob’s inspection went a long way to confirm that we had purchased the right house. The completeness of the binder should also be a very useful tool in ensuring that we continue to get much enjoyment from our home for years to come. The helpful hints and tips will become part of our spring and fall cleaning rituals.
– Quentin

We were very satisfied with all aspects of the inspection process, especially as this was for our one-year warranty inspection. We were very impressed with the service that we received and as a result would have absolutely NO problem in recommending your service to friends and family members should they be looking for someone.
– Nadra & Jonathan