Since 2001, HomeCore has been providing residential home inspections throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – consistently providing our clients with the best home inspection possible and the best overall service before, during, and after the inspection.

Residential home inspections come in a variety of types to suit the different needs of those looking to have a home or property inspection. Please see a brief outline of each inspection type along with a link to a more detailed description provided below.

Standard Inspection

A HomeCore standard inspection is booked by home buyers or their agent and generally takes place once an offer has been made conditional on a satisfactory home inspection. Sometimes a standard inspection will take place prior to the offer process if multiple offers are expected and the buyer wishes to make their offer with no conditions.

Pre-listing Inspection

Essentially the same inspection as our standard inspection but done by the seller prior to offering their home for sale.

New Home Warranty

Looking beyond the cosmetic deficiencies of new builds, our warranty inspection focuses on structural, mechanical, or code related issues covered by Tarion Warranty Corporation. These inspections are generally done just in sync with the Tarion 30-Day or Year-End statutory claim periods (first 30 days after possession or final 30 days of the first year of possession).

Condo Apartment

These inspections focus on the major mechanics of the suite being inspected. Because common elements such as roof, structure, exterior and parking are not included in these inspections, condo apartment inspections generally take less time and are therefore priced accordingly. By contrast, a condo townhome inspection does include the roof, structure, and exterior components and, as such, is the same as our standard inspection.

Home Maintenance

While our home maintenance inspection itself is essentially the same as a our standard inspection, they are more consultative in nature and therefore generally take longer to perform.

Multiplex Buildings

Not quite commercial, our residential multiplex inspection is defined as any residential building with two to five dwelling units. Single family homes with a single basement apartment fall under our standard inspection category.

Single Item

These inspections are essentially troubleshooting inspections to address specific issues or concerns. As each of these involves a unique situation, single item inspections are billed on an hourly basis.