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The following testimonials are from satisfied HomeCore clients of standard/general inspections.  To find out what warranty home owners or real estate agents have to say, click on one of the links below:

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General Testimonials

Rob was fantastic with his detailed description of the house and the repairs needed.
Aditya & Ferzin

Everything went well, Rob was great, he answered all of our questions and also educated us about certain things we didn’t know.
Anita & Wahid

The inspection went very well, and we were very pleased with Rob’s approach and thoroughness. We have had a chance to review the report, and found it very helpful.
He was able to answer all our questions at the time.
Rebecca and David

Rob did an amazing job. He answered all my questions very well.

Rob was great and answered all of our questions. His report was very thorough and helpful.

I was amazed at the very slight details that were photographed. I will definitely use his services again in the near future.

Rob provided great insight and was able to answer all my questions

I always learn something when you are inspecting a home, and today was no exception.
I’m really glad I didn’t pay too much for the deck, especially since I overpaid for the AC unit!

Great work, I appreciate Rob’s attention to detail and professionalism. We will definitely recommend him to others as well.
Take care and thanks again,
Ryan & Pamela

Rob was absolutely amazing! He answered every question and even gave us a few pointers on what type of BBQ to buy. He has a wealth of knowledge and we are so thankful we hired him to do our inspection. The report is very thorough and easy to understand.
Katherine & Mike

Rob was amazing and went above and beyond to help answer everything – thank you so much for the great experience.
It was so great to really understand what you have laid out in the report. I appreciate your time and patience so much. Thank you again for the amazing news as well the recommendations for downstairs!! I will definitely give these guys a call and see what they may be able to do – again, thank you!
Speak soon,
Julie & Brandon

The inspection went very well. Rob was really great, went beyond expectations. His expertise helped us immensely and we learned a lot as well.
Reona & Steven

Rob answered all my questions very promptly which was extremely helpful since we were under a tight timeline. I appreciate Rob’s detailed nature and patience!

It was an absolute delight working with you and your continued support is appreciated more than words can say.
Warmest regards,

Everything went well with the inspection. Rob was great and answered all of our questions, and because of the inspection we were able to make proper decisions. We actually backed away from this deal as it was not the home for us.
Maricris & Ken

Thank you so much for all the information you provided. It being our first home inspection we didn’t know what to expect and you definitely exceeded our expectations. It’s because of your attention to detail that my husband and I were able to make an informed decision on whether or not to go through with the purchase.

Rob was fantastic – truly. I can’t say enough good things about him and would happily recommend him to friends and family. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and methodical. My wife and I really appreciated how much time he took to conduct the inspection, educate us on the process and inspection details, and then send the digital report (with pictures) the same night. It was a great experience.
Thanks again so much for the extremely thorough inspection. I felt lucky to have been referred to you and learned a lot.
Also one final note – you too, Zoë, were great. You were very personable and had a lot of useful information for us as well. You two make a good team!
Andrew & Lindsay

Rob was very thorough and took the time to go through all the important details. We liked that he tried to gauge our level of understanding beforehand so that he could give us the appropriate level of detail. We would recommend Rob’s services to contacts in the future. Thank you both for excellent service!
Franky & Neema

Rob answered all of our questions and took time to make sure we understood different elements of the house and his assessment. Rob continues to be helpful, and we would definitely recommend him to others.
Madeleine & John

Rob was amazing and gave us so much information and answered all questions. He found moisture in the basement and with the work that needed to be done to fix it, it just wasn’t something we wanted to take on so we passed on the house. We are moving on in our search so hopefully soon enough I will reach out to schedule another home inspection with Rob.
Nellie & Simon

Rob was excellent. He answered all our questions and told us some we should be asking. Great!!
Tim & Dana

Rob was great, both for the home inspection and the inspection at our place as well. He answered all of our questions, and did so in a way that we were able to understand.
Mark & Sara

Everything went extremely well with Rob (as always). He was super detailed and did a fantastic job.
We didn’t buy the house; we liked it but there were things we had to consider, especially the roof work, that had to be done given Rob’s recommendation.
Thank you again and we will call you when we find another house of interest.
Gustavo & Florangel

Rob answered all of my questions and beyond. He also gave personal suggestions regarding to my concerns. It was helpful to have the home inspected by Rob before taking it over.
Thank you again for providing professional services to us.
Have a wonderful day!

Rob was excellent and we really appreciated his professional approach and detailed analysis and discussion.
Imran & Samaiyah

Rob was very knowledgeable and professional and answered all our questions.
We were very pleased with Rob’s services and would call upon him in future without hesitation.
Tony & Rumina

Thank you very much, Rob.
This is rich in information and extremely helpful. I enjoyed meeting and learning from you yesterday. I will indeed touch base if I come across any detail I don’t understand. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

We were happy with the service that we received and the thorough review of our condo. We certainly felt the value in the inspection: we would not have been able to notice many of the elements that Rob identified.
We appreciate your work and all of the information that you provided.
Kind Regards,
James & Barry

Rob was wonderful and very thorough, as usual.
Our realtor was very impressed with Rob as well so I passed HomeCore contact info on to him in case he would like to recommend Rob to future clients.
Thank you.
Barb & Luis

Rob was fantastic. There was so much value there and he prioritized our home improvement project. Especially since and contractor came in and lied to us…
He is awesome and I will be keeping in touch.
Andrew & Mercedes

Rob did a great job!!  I found the home inspection to be definitely worthwhile – there were so many things about our house that I didn’t know.  Rob took the time to explain everything to me and let me know what we needed to do to protect our home.  He went above and beyond our expectations.
Richard & Linda

We were so impressed with Rob! He explained everything in such detail and he definitely answered all our questions- he was so thorough we didn’t really have any questions!
Thanks again to you and Rob for all your help!
Elizabeth & Aaron

The inspection done by Rob was excellent.  We could not have found a better inspector.  He surpassed our expectations.  He was experienced, very detailed, and was made us very confident that the house we had purchased was a good choice.  There were minor issues that can be corrected easily, without a big cost factor.  The photos he attached with his report helped to support his findings.  He was so thorough.  We apologize for keeping him longer than his allotted time, but he wanted to show us everything he had looked at – plumbing, electrical, roof & attic, filters, etc.
We will certainly recommend HomeCore for house inspections for other family members, and friends.
Finally, many thanks also to you Zoe for answering our emails prior to the inspection, some late in the weekend evenings.  You were most cheerful and helpful.
Andree & Derek

Thank you, Rob, for being very thorough and providing your insights and recommendations. We appreciated your expertise and professionalism.
Thanks for providing the referrals and it’s nice to know the areas we need to focus on before we continue any cosmetic work to the house.

Rob did a fantastic job explaining to my knowledge (or lack of) level. He spent lots of time thoroughly explaining and developing context. So helpful and appreciated.
Kara & Daniel

Everything went well with the inspection.  Rob was very helpful, professional and answered all questions.  We are very satisfied with the service he provided and would love to use him again if we purchase another property.
Gabriele & Frank

Rob took the time to explain all the issues and was very articulate in his explanations.
Thanks for a great home inspection.
Edward & Catherine

We have finalized the purchase! Very exciting. Rob’s inspection gave us a tremendous amount of confidence in the unit. He answered all of our questions, and we’re so happy that we’re able to contact him in the future should we need to ask him anything else. He seems to really care about his clients by being super thorough and attentive.
Take care,
Lindsay & Matthew 

Rob explained every detail and the importance of the small things that have to be done. Everything was excellent. Great service.
Paula & Ivan

Dear Rob,
Hope you are doing well. It was really nice meeting you yesterday! Mom and I really appreciate all your hard work. We are very happy with how everything went, and we learnt so much from you! Thank you for your effort and thorough inspection and for walking us through the process so patiently. Thanks for completing the report so promptly, it looks great, and I am hoping that we can start working on fixing the items that need to be repaired/replaced right away.
Best regards,

Everything was extraordinarily detailed and put into terms that were easy to understand. The whole process was infinitely easier than anticipated. Fabulous experience.
Kate & Ty

Rob was more than helpful. He explained everything that was needed to be explained, and educated us on everything that a first time homebuyer should be educated about.
Anthony & Erica

Thanks for all your help and expert advice. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. It helped us have a sense of peace as we put in our offer today. And the good news is we got the house!
Thanks again, Rob.
Amy & Mike

Rob was great. He gave us a very good understanding of the house and significant comfort in making an offer. We were the successful bidders on the house.
While I hope to never need your services again (as this is supposed to be our “forever house”), I will gladly recommend you to colleagues.
Thank you for making this a very easy experience.
All the best,
Stephen & Robyn

Rob was exceptional. He answered all of our questions and I’m sure he’ll be answering more when we move in. He was thorough, detailed and very professional.
Thanks again,
Curtis & Keisha

Thank you so much for your thorough and detailed report. You’ve certainly given us a lot to think about!
I can’t express enough how appreciative we are for the level of attention you gave to each aspect of the house. Although we are not yet sure if this house will end up being our home, we are comforted in knowing that we were able to make an informed decision.
And in the event that the purchase does not pan out, please count on our business again in the near future.
Thanks again,
Rebecca & Troy

It was such a positive experience.
Rob did a great job answering all of our questions, being proactive in advising us on current and future issues, we feel aware and informed of the areas where we will be exposed down the road.
Mark & Lindsay

Rob was awesome…very helpful and very detailed in his discussion.
I would say that was the most valuable part and was definitely worth the $$. He helped allay a lot of my concerns and made some very excellent suggestions
based on his review of what I could expect from the property.
Best regards,

Rob was a great home inspector I would definitely recommend him to other people. He was very thorough and was up front and honest with everything, and gave us many suggestions and quick fixes. We did not have a lot of questions because he was very thorough!
Alice & Theepan

Everything was great with the inspection, it is evident that Rob is extremely knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with.
After finding out that the windows need to be changed we renegotiated the purchase price and closed the purchase.
Once again thank you very much for providing us with such a thorough inspection and advice.
Ali & Kristin

Everything went great. Thanks again, Zoe, for quickly replying to my urgent call.
We offered and have purchased the home. We were extremely happy with Rob’s services which aided greatly in our decision.
Best regards,

Thank you Rob for sending this report so soon, greatly appreciated. I will definitely be recommending HomeCore to friends, family, and associates.
Thank you once again for being so thorough and passionate about ensuring our future home is the right home!
See you sooner,
Ali & Kristin

All is well with Rob’s service. He answered all my questions and it was worth it for me to have a post-purchase inspection. I am a lot more confident as a homeowner and I know exactly what needs to be done.

Thanks Rob! Appreciate the work. I am very impressed by the detail and professionalism. I am glad I found your company online. I will keep in contact with you if any questions and will be sure to leave a great online review and recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks!

The inspection went really well. Rob gave me a very detailed explanation of everything he did and about his report. He let me ask questions and he also put himself at disposal for any questions I may have by email, which I did and he promptly responded.
I was very satisfied with the quality of the service and I would definitely recommend the service of HomeCore to anyone.
Best regards,

I was very happy with Rob’s home inspection and, as always, it was very detailed, not to mention the pride he takes in inspecting and explaining everything in full detail.
Again, thank you for your great service!! : )
Jason & Karen

Thank you, Rob, for your detailed work. You are super informative and I would recommend you to others definitely! Inspection was great and all questions were answered properly and patiently.
Fariba & Mohammed

Rob is very friendly and a pleasure to talk to. He is very experienced in his work and incredibly knowledgeable. He spoke to myself and my wife as if we were family friends and made us feel at ease. Professionally, he took us around the house and clearly told us his concerns and opinions on certain matters. He is honest and upfront which is appreciated.
I also really appreciate the fact that Rob is available to answer follow up questions by email. I might just take him up on that offer in the coming weeks.
Many thanks to Zoe for answering my text messages that early Sunday morning! A home inspection was part of our offer and we wanted to get it done asap. Your quick work helped it happen.
We will happily recommend Rob to our family and friends.
Thanks again,

I’m so glad to hear such appreciation about the home from a very experienced and talented inspector like you.
I appreciate your co-operation in sparing some time from your busy schedule, even with such short notice. Thanks a lot, Rob.

Our inspection with Rob went very well. We found great value in having a maintenance inspection as we did not have an inspection prior to purchase. Rob’s expertise and advice brought a great amount of relief for us.
I’m sure we will be contacting you again when we run into questions later on.
Thanks again for your wonderful service,
Gloria & Mark

We thank you so much for your honest and detailed work you do every time, we totally appreciate it.
Thank you again and take care.
Rajesh & Vashti

Rob answered all the questions I had at the time of the inspection. He could not always answer certain questions about cosmetic renovations but understandably to avoid independence conflict. He did share certain opinions which we did appreciate.
As a first time home buyer I really appreciated Rob taking the time to walk me through his inspection under the second pass and explaining details and items to watch out for that I certainly had no idea of.
Rob was super informative and very knowledgeable. He did a great job and I will be recommending his name to others.
Adam & Erin

I am pleased to say that we were thoroughly impressed and pleased with Rob’s work, and would be happy to recommend him at any time to friends.
He was very thorough, caring and explained everything to us.  We had no questions, because he had gone through every detail with us.
Stellis & Guy

Chuck was really great and super thorough! We were very pleased with his work and we would definitely recommend your company to others.
All the best,
Tanya & Rob

The inspection went very well. Rob was quite professional and informative and very thorough and answered all our questions. We were quite thrilled to find that there were minimal problems and everything could be easily fixed that required attention.
Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.
Kindest Regards,
Grace & Roelof

Rob is extremely awesome! He is super knowledgeable, knows his field inside out, is very kind and a pleasure to have conversation with. The experience with Rob’s professional service was way beyond my expectations. I’ve had two previous home inspection experiences with other companies before, but the service I’ve received from HomeCore is an absolutely new level. I really appreciate it!
Just to let you know that after the meeting with Rob, I have posted a complementary message for HomeCore on all of my social network platforms to show my appreciation and to let my friends know that there is such an excellent home inspection company out there.
Once again, your amazing work is much appreciated!

Everything went well with the inspection. I’ve used Rob before and I am still very happy and impressed with his service, he surely knows his stuff.
He did his work, then sat with me and went over the binder and things; then he took me around and pointed out certain things to me and explained them to me. He answered all my questions and, as usual, made me aware of things I didn’t know or had no idea about. I will also be following up on the advice he has given, will definitely be going through the binder report to follow up, check, and keep up with things… I am so grateful for its contents and it will help us greatly as it did the last time. I am totally satisfied with HomeCore and have already referred someone to Rob.
Thanks again and best regards,
Veina & Paul

Rob did an amazing job answering all my questions, and even answered some things I had no idea to ask.
Rob is very thorough, thoughtful, patient, and knowledgeable.  He was sure to point out everything he saw, and gave me an honest appraisal of how serious he saw those things.  The piece of mind was priceless.  He really is amazing at what he does.  I will be using him again and recommending him to everyone I can.

Rob was great. And, he did answer all of our questions and ensured us if we have any other questions he would be glad to answer them in the future. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs an inspection.
Thank you,
Craig & Alexandra

My condo nspection went very well. Rob is awesome! I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and super thorough. I appreciated that he took the time to explain important details to me. Rob was kind enough to let me know that he is always available to answer any questions I have at any time in the future. He also took the time to educate. I had not known there were two lint traps that I needed to empty – I was only aware of one.
I felt confident moving forward with the purchase after he completed the inspection and walked me through the report.
Thanks very much!

The inspection went great and very helpful and showed us a lot we didn’t know or wouldn’t have caught.
We felt the inspection to be very valuable as, if not corrected, some of these deficiencies could set us back quite some money.

Rob was amazing.  Extremely thorough and he took the time to explain everything to me (and I needed a lot of explaining!).  Yes, definitely answered all questions.

Rob did a great job and he was super informative. I am very satisfied with the inspection and I will be recommending your services to friends and family.
Thank you.
Tom & Sarah

Rob answered all of the questions that we had, and then some! He was an excellent home inspector who explained everything in detail in language that we understood. He was friendly, personable and very professional.
-Russel and Carla

Thanks so much for your thorough and detailed inspection today. You’ve given me great peace of mind and I love the binder. It is so helpful and organized. A great resource for me to keep and refer back to when needed.
Thanks so much!
– Stephanie

I’m just writing this email to thank you for the service you provided and to let you know that both me and my wife are really happy with the inspection and advice provided by Rob. I have also put in a review on so that any others who visit that site to look for local professionals that do a great job my review too would be helpful. Below is my review:

“In my opinion Rob was the most professional and experienced Home inspector you could find in Toronto and he is really thorough in how he conducts his inspection. Apart from that he is really polite (soft spoken) and listens to the concerns of his clients, answers their questions, provides his expert advice on what can / can’t be done to fix certain issues. I wouldn’t have any doubt of recommending him to any of my colleagues, friends or family for a home inspection.”
Many thanks,
– Kani & Salci

As always, Rob was very thorough and honest with the inspection. I appreciated everything he was able to share with us and in spite of the numerous projects the house will require we still finalized the sale after getting a price reduction.
It was very helpful having Rob do the inspection and gave us the opportunity to discuss how big of a project we wanted to take on. As soon as I have friends in the market I will be sure to recommend Rob with praises.
Thanks for everything!
– Cynthia & Jon

We were very pleased with Rob and the inspection. He gave us a lot of information and good suggestions, and he covered more than we had questions so we didn’t really need to ask much.
If/when we need again the services of a home inspector we will for sure call Rob and refer him to others.
Thank you.
– Dumitrita & Alec

Rob did a great job and his knowledge and experience in home inspection is exceptional. He spent enough time to walk us through the building and explain all systems and issues after he finalized his detailed inspection. The book and information provided in there is also very useful and it’s a very valuable resource for us to know more about our new house’s current status and also the maintenance guidance we may need down the road. Overall we are very happy of our decision to pick your firm to do home inspection for us, and we both are very satisfied with the final results.
Thanks again and wish you and Rob all the best.
– Ali and Farinoosh

Thank you for the comprehensive inspection yesterday morning. Like myself and Tina, our realtor was impressed with your degree of detail, professionalism, and sincere honesty. We have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and family members in the future.
Thanks again Rob!
– Tony & Tina

Hi Rob,
It was a pleasure to have met you.
I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, advice and tips. I knew that doing my due diligence and research would only benefit me with an expert like you.
You wowed my family and I completely.
I will certainly keep in touch.
Thanks again,
– Renu

Rob was great and answered all the questions we had. The inspection was more detailed than I imagined (a pleasant surprise) and I am glad we called you.
Thank you and thank Rob for the great job, we will be using the home report as a guide for the months to come.
– Kevin and Alex

Rob was very helpful and took the time to answer my questions.  I did not purchase the property based on the home inspection.
And as an aside, I’ve been hunting for a home for some time now and as part of that process I’ve had a chance to review a variety of home inspections from various inspectors, and I am fully in support of Rob’s pursuit to regulate the industry. I wish everyone were as thorough as Rob.
– Rachel

We are very pleased with the services provided by HomeCore.
I am very grateful for the manner in which Rob quickly adapted when the seller barged in while he was relaying his report. He quickly emphasized deficiencies, and simply pointed to words on the paper if it was good news. I think it provided us a favorable position going forward during an unusual negotiation process.
I found Rob to be punctual, respectful of the property and well humored. His inspection was thorough, full of product info, estimates and he showed us pictures and video of places not easily accessible.
I did appreciate the consistency throughout HomeCore. Everyone presented the same details and the same pricing, even when tested.
I highly recommend HomeCore, and I feel that they operate with only the best practices to ensure the greatest value: it is the best service.
Thank you, Zoe,
And extend my gratitude to Rob
– Nathan and Petrina

Thanks again to Rob for the great walk-through. The inspection report makes a lot more sense to us now and it made us feel a lot more confident about bidding on the property. We also really appreciate getting Rob’s advice on what’s next regarding the maintenance of the property.
Looking forward to doing business with you again.
– Melanie & Pascal

The home inspection had been well done by Rob. He answered all questions we had had in a professional way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob for his advice and his professionalism.
– Sylvain & Carole

Rob was great. I was very nervous but he made me feel at ease while still addressing problems with a frank and professional manner.
He was able to answer my questions even the ones I didn’t ask!
The binder with all the info is also appreciated. I have referred to it a few times and helped having all the answers for my insurance company.
Thank-you to Rob and everyone at HomeCore
– Debora & Jeremy

Rob did a great job, really knowledgeable, and focused in on my requirements as a House Buyer. Very detailed and professional work.
– Gustavo & Florangel

Thank you for providing a thorough inspection of our home, we both noted your attention to details along with your professionalism.
I will gladly refer your inspection services to other homeowners.
Thanks again!
– Wayne & Anthony

HomeReport is very comprehensive and helpful for a first time home buyer.  The information provided is extremely useful in knowing what maintenance and repairs need to be done.  Would highly recommend your services.
– Karen & Darren

Rob answered all our questions quite thoroughly. He impressed us with his deep expertise!
Thanks so much!
– Donald & Emily

Rob was great. Extremely thorough and helpful. We liked his suggestions and tips on what to replace, how to do it and so forth.
Unfortunately we did not finalize the purchase.
We are still on the house hunt and would definitely look to use Rob for our next inspection.
– Shawn & Amy

Rob was simply excellent. He provided answers to all our questions and even after the inspection he has a conference call for follow-up questions. We are very, very happy with him.
Many thanks!
– Luigi & Heather

Chuck was great.  He was very thorough and answered all the questions I had. I appreciated all the pointers he gave me and the book, which will remind me of what I need to do in order to keep the house in good working order.
– Ida

The inspection was excellent. As you know, Rob is an impressively thorough individual who answered all of our questions.
Thank you for all of your help with the referrals.
All the best,
– Adam

It was very helpful talking to Rob. He helped us understand what we need to be aware of as homeowners, answered questions we didn’t know to ask, and he distinguished issues we needed to take care of immediately from issues we just needed to keep an eye on.
Thanks again,
– JJ & Baris

Rob did the inspection on my future home last Saturday. I just want to say that I was very pleased with his professionalism. He was very friendly. I have to say that I didn’t have to ask him too many questions because he told me everything that I should know about the house. I was very impressed by his knowledge. I will definitely recommend Home Core Inc. to any people I know that are looking for a home inspector.
Thank you.
– Sebastien

We were very pleased with Chuck’s thoroughness in performing the inspection, and even more pleased with the time he took to explain things to us, and to address our questions. We would have no trouble recommending Chuck for similar work in the future.
– Jim & Beth

Rob answered all our questions although we are not sure we’ll remember all the answers!! He said it was all in the book though so that’s reassuring!
Everything went very well and we were totally happy with Rob and his work.
– Alison & Gene

Rob was very professional and was very honest in performing the condo home inspection. He answered all my questions and was very insightful as to how the condo is set up. I’ll be recommending you guys to anyone who wants a home inspection.
– Craig

Rob answered all of our questions and gave us a great overview of the overall wellbeing of the house. He also offered his recommendations as to what our priorities should be in regards to renovations. We found his visit and feedback very helpful and would, without a doubt, recommend him to our friends.
– Carla & Julien

Rob was excellent and answered all my questions. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to do home inspection. My real estate agent was also impressed with his professionalism and work.
– Thava

Rob was at the house early and was ready for his inspection right on time. Rob was friendly, informative and answered all my questions and even making suggestions for the future. It was obvious that Rob had a sound understanding of the construction industry. He gave me instruction on what maintenance the property needs on a daily, monthly and yearly basis which I found really helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to my friends and relatives.
Best regards,
– Dave & Sitara

We were very impressed with the inspection. It was thorough, informative, and left us with a good list of TO DO’s for the house.
Rob was incredible. He took us at a good pace through his process and his results. We liked the video portion a lot. We were happy to hear that the house is solid and breathed a good sigh of relief.
I’d definitely recommend Rob and HomeCore in the future 🙂
Thanks so much!
– Frank and Jeff

Both my parents and myself were quite impressed with the inspection and the book that was provided was/is very helpful in regards to what needs to be repaired once the house is purchased.
– Joe

We were very pleased with the inspection and report. Rob was very thorough and answered all questions and explained things in a manner that I could understand. We would not hesitate to refer Rob & HomeCore to anyone.
Thanks for outstanding service.
– Francine & Moishe

We are quite happy with the inspection, particularly Rob’s keen eye and well-organized process. Rob answered all questions thoroughly.
– Brandon & Jenny

We are very happy that we made the right choice to have Rob do the inspection on our very first house purchase. The inspection Rob provided was very through, and he answered all our questions at the time.
Thank you.
– Derek & Yifan

Rob was very helpful and very knowledgeable! He gave us a good overview of all the major repairs that will need to be done before moving into the house, so I had pretty good idea of how much money I should put aside when I was making the offer.
It’s a pleasure to work with you,
– Jane & Victor

Rob did an amazing job answering all of our questions! He made us feel like we could ask anything, and he answered all of them with the best of his knowledge. He gave us honest and detailed answers that made us feel confident in our purchase.
Thanks again,
Take care,
– Tony & Alison

We were very pleased with our house inspection.  Rob was the consummate professional. He answered our questions completely and thoroughly and in language we could understand.
Thank you for your services.
– Fouli & Steve

[Unlike the previous house inspection], this inspection went well so we did purchase the house!  Once again, thank you for the service and we will definitely recommend HomeCore to our friends and family in the future!
– May & Tommy

Chuck was very helpful and was able to answer all our questions. Thanks again for the great work. We will definitely refer you to our family and friends.
– Chad & Kimberly

Everything went great with the inspection. Rob answered all my questions and taught me a lot about how condos work since I’ve never lived in one before. Price was steep, but he was highly recommended in online forums, and I was happy that he spent almost the full time focusing on the unit itself and didn’t waste time on the appliances like it seemed most of the other inspectors would do for a condo inspection.
– Troy

Rob is extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind and patient – he explained his findings and impressions of the house very thoroughly and assisted in answering our questions in a comprehensive and timely manner. Daniel and I will be highly recommending your services to friends and family in the future.

Thank you again, Sheesha, and thank Rob for all of the time and attention that was given to us during the purchasing of our home.
– Dafna and Daniel

Let me begin this email first by thanking you, Rob, for doing a tremendous job on our home inspection.  Both Aleks and I feel confident with the new home, and we look forward to tackling the changes that the home requires. While I understand that there are always limitations to a home inspection, I am quite certain that 99% of the home inspectors available today would not have discovered a fraction of what you did, and we are beyond grateful. It is important to note also that you have saved us money!  With your professional, comprehensive and detailed report we were able to go back go back to the homeowners and reduce the price of sale, which allows us to fix the roof and upgrade ALL the systems.
– Marc & Aleksandra

The inspection was perfect!  Rob answered all of our questions and more. It was truly a pleasure meeting him and getting his opinion on the house. Based on his findings we were able to put together a list of must-dos for the sellers before we take possession.

Thank you so much, and we will absolutely be recommending Rob to anyone who needs his services.
– Mike & Michelle

Rob was fantastic, we’ve been raving about him to friends and family.
Absolutely all our questions were answered, and though it was a lot of info, thankfully we have our binder as a refresher.
Thank you kindly once again for all your help, Sheesha, and a big thank you to Rob again!
Until next time, all the very best!
– Rachael & Adrian

Chuck was very thorough in explaining everything regarding the inspection. He was very knowledgeable about what he talked about and relayed the information efficiently.
Thanks again for all your help and I will definitely keep your company in mind should I need your services again.
– Fatoumata & Demba

Chuck did a great job!  We were really impressed with how thorough he was and how he took the time to answer all our questions on inspection day and post-inspection when we thought of other questions.  The report book has great info for us to learn about the maintenance aspect of home ownership.  It’s very organized and neatly laid out.
Thanks again Sheesha for your help and information.
With Regards,
– Anne & Jason

Hi, Sheesha,
Thanks so much for the info package. Wow, there is a lot of information there and it is very well organized! A really great resource! We thought Rob did a good job explaining everything to us during the home inspection. He was very thorough and gave us a lot of good tips. We also really appreciate your advice and referrals. We’ll let you know how things go once we move in and get our renos done.
Best wishes,
– Helen & Louie

Chuck was excellent and answered all of our questions. This will be our third house purchased with the help of HomeCore, and it has been a pleasure each and every time.
Thanks again,
– Brian & Amanda

I would like to point out the patience, expertise, knowledge and thoroughness of Rob.
He answered each and every single question I asked him and explained to me more deeply the issues involved.  Rob has also suggested practical solutions.  Basically he made our purchase more secure and confident.
I have dealt with 2 Home Inspectors in the past 8 years and none of them were up to Rob’s measures.
All the best,
– Alon & Ayala

I turned to HomeCore for independent advice when I received an unsolicited assessment in my mailbox saying I needed to get my chimney repaired/rebuilt as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  Sheesha responded immediately with advice to ignore the assessment.  When I persisted wondering if the repair was in fact necessary, she arranged for Robert to call me.  Robert responded within a few hours, suggesting I email zoomed-in photos of my chimney.  He responded at length suggesting that based on the photos, the repair didn’t seem to be necessary and made further very helpful suggestions.  Robert refused offers of compensation despite the effort and time he put in.  It is rare to find a company that operates with the desire to help preceding profit and self-interest.  I would not hesitate to turn to HomeCore for a home maintenance appraisal in future.
Thanks again for saving me $1800.
– Anna

Chuck was very knowledgeable and overall fantastic. We loved the fact that he was extremely thorough.
We would HIGHLY recommend Chuck.
Thank you,
– Steven & Leanne

Chuck did a good job and provided me with a lot of useful information as well as answering any questions I had.
Take care,
– Shannon

Words cannot express how impressed we were with HomeCore and with the inspection that Rob did.  He answered all of our questions and then some.  We have, and will continue to, recommend HomeCore to anyone we hear of that’s selling/buying and looking for a home inspection company.  The house is definitely ours and we couldn’t be happier!
Thanks again for everything.
– Robert & Deborah

The inspection was well done and very thorough.  Chuck answered all of our questions and we bought the house.  We would definitely recommend him to our friends.
– Shannon & Brent

Rob was VERY helpful and thorough, was worth every cent!
Rob answered all of my questions during the inspection.  Although I don’t plan on purchasing another house for a bit, I would definitely be interested in hiring him again and would have no problem recommending HomeCore.
Thank you,
– Justin

Chuck was very focused and helpful and dealt with any questions I had.
I would recommend Chuck to anyone.
Yours sincerely,
– Bill

Rob came recommended from our realtor as having a thorough home inspection is essential when buying a home.
Rob was not only patient but he and his team went above and beyond in the evaluation and the overall service being passionate and thorough in what they do.
Not only was the team able to properly manage our expectations so we knew what we were getting into with our home, but Rob and his team have since then become trusted advisors to us on all things home maintenance and repair related.
I would highly recommend Rob and his team without hesitation.
Thank you.
happy home owner

Hi Rob,
We haven’t met but you performed a home inspection last week on my new home.
I wished I could have been there to learn about my new home (my first house) but I’ve received such detailed notes – from my wife and from your thorough report – that I feel I was present.
Just wanted to say thanks for your help. I feel a lot more confident about our purchase (our biggest) as a result of your report.
Kind regards,
– Jon

Everything went well with the home inspection. Rob was very informative and I was very happy with the details he went through with us. This isn’t the first home inspection I’ve had done but it’s the first one that I wasn’t rushed through and got every question answered. The package was very easy to follow and detailed.
– Jennifer & Plato

Rob answered all our questions. His thoroughness and professionalism is very refreshing.
We did not purchase a house previously inspected based on Rob’s findings, and his glowing recommendation of [this house] gave us the peace of mind to proceed with the purchase.
I would gladly recommend HomeCore to anyone looking for a home inspection.
Best Regards,
John & Linda

We were very happy with Rob’s work and will recommend him to our friends. He was very thorough and answered all of our questions. We were happy with the outcome of the inspection and purchased the house.
Thank you for your help,
– Luan & Kristina

Rob was great and provided a very comprehensive and thorough inspection, and had some great points of things we should do once move in to preserve the house (that was very beneficial to us).  He was very knowledgeable and we would definitely recommend his services to others!
– Tanya & Eric

Rob was able to provide what I felt was a thorough examination of the home and spent the time to review his findings, both good and bad, with me.  I did not feel he rushed the inspection nor did I feel he rushed his summary to me.  He answered all questions to my satisfaction as well as provided his opinion on improvements, brands to look for and others to keep away from.
This is the second time we have called on Robert for a home inspection and I will gladly recommended him to my brother who is currently looking for a new home.
-Bruno and Linda

Rob was great! We appreciated Rob’s full attention to the home first, us second. We feel better about this home purchase.
– Maya & Michael

Rob was professional and very informative. He was patient with my wife and myself. Both of us are new to a lot of the subjects covered in the home inspection.  A great person to work with. Thanks.
– Harold & Anna

Rob was absolutely fantastic.  He gave us a great thorough inspection and took the time to explain (in detail) everything about the house.  Thanks again, Sheesh, you made the process a less stressful one for us.
John & Laura

Rob was excellent! He was extremely through and knowledgeable.  He also ensured that I understood everything he was saying and drew on analogies that I could relate to. His humour and witty personality too made the experience very positive and memorable.
The HomeReport binder is an excellent resource and Rob did and an excellent job of clearly explaining the contents.  Rob provided an experience in customer service excellence that was greatly appreciated.
– Zabrina

The inspection went very well from an efficiency and knowledge standpoint. Rob pointed out some rather disheartening items that need to be replaced ASAP but that is his job. I was very pleased with Rob and he answered all my questions. He has also been good with some additional follow questions I had.
I can add that I am getting into the Real Estate business myself and I intend to recommend Rob and your company too anyone who asks for my opinion for future home inspections.
– Ed

Rob was fabulous. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again should we purchase another home in the future. He made us feel very comfortable and explained everything thoroughly to a level that we could both understand. We both immediately felt very safe with Rob and felt as though we had known him forever. He is very personable and we were really impressed with the service. We appreciated even more that he offered to answer questions for us should we need anything going forward. That’s a great thing and we may be taking him up on that.
Thanks again for everything.
– Rob & Michael

I really appreciated Rob’s thoroughness.  Even though there are issues (as to be expected with a home of that vintage), at least I have a good idea of what I’m up against.  It is so overwhelming at the time, that perhaps I’ll have questions in the future, but I’m sure if I review the binder, the answers will be there.  We used Rob’s findings to require the vendors to [address a number of issues].
– Melodie

Rob was excellent and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. He is obviously very knowledgeable and communicates clearly and concisely.
– Eric & Yaeko

We were very happy with Rob’s service and answered many questions as well as uncovered many other issues with the house. In the end, given his observations, we decided to withdraw our offer based on all the added costs needed to fix the problems identified.
Rob was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. I have recommended him to many people and will use him again when we find another house of interest.
post script: Angie & Brian did use our services again in February and found themselves a new home.
-Angie & Brian

Rob gave us so much valuable information that we would never have even known to ask. He located a “suspected” abandoned oil tank which was later confirmed and has since been removed without issue, much to the relief of the current homeowners and ourselves! Rob was professional and personable and we have complete confidence that we now have the tools needed to finalize our deal and make the necessary improvements and repairs once we take ownership.
Sincerest thanks,
– Meghan & Dennis

Everything went well with the inspection.  Rob was a pleasure to work with, we found his work quite thorough, and he answered all our questions to our satisfaction (including follow-up questions the next day).
Thanks again,
– Mark & Rebecca

Rob answered all of our questions, and then some!  He’s a fountain of knowledge and we certainly appreciated his service.  He was professional, down to earth, and gave us some great advice.
Thank you
– Cynthya & Valarie

Rob sees things that no one else would and points out potential safety issues that I would over look.  I appreciated that he was detailed and critical.  I like that he took his time to look at everything.
– Mike & Ann

Thank you again for providing a very thorough home inspection.  We feel much better with this second home, than the first.  You did such an amazing job at answering all of our questions. Andrea and I felt that you were very knowledgeable, thorough and approachable.  Thank you again for providing us with such a positive experience.
Thanks again, Rob!
– Kevin & Andrea

Chuck was great, he answered all my questions and was very thorough. He was easy to talk to and explained everything at my level.
– Michael

The inspection was excellent and extremely knowledgeable, especially for first time home buyers.  Rob was amazing, he certainly went all out and then some.  Happy to recommend HomeCore to our friends and family.Thanks again for the excellent, professional and personal experience during the inspection process.
– Jason & Sylvia

Rob was great. Not only did he answer our questions, he also shared lots of other useful information with us. We are very satisfied with the experience. There is definitely value in having a warranty inspection.
Thank you.
– Allen & Daisie

Shaun and I were really thrilled with Chuck and how he facilitated the home inspection. This is our first home, so we were happy to have someone walk through this with us.
He answered all questions based on what he could see and provided guidance on next steps.
Thank you to you, Sheila, and your team for your excellent service. We will certainly keep your information on file for our next purchase!
– Ashley & Shaun

Thank you very much for your home inspection service and your report. It provides very good detail and very handy too. You took your time, did an excellent job and most importantly you explained to me lots of things that I need to know as a first time home owner in Canada. I really appreciate the inspection and will strongly recommend your service to all my friends and family.
Thank you very much for your service. Keep up your good work.
– Gowry

Rob was thorough, articulate, professional and very easy to talk too. Everything about the inspection was more than I expected and Rob was very handy and extremely informative.
Overall I was very pleased with my home inspection service and would recommend HomeCore to family and friends.
Thank you again for the fantastic service and keep up the great work.
– Liz

Jacob and I were very pleased with Rob’s thoroughness and knowledge. It’s been a real education and we both feel really secure in the support we’ve gotten from HomeCore. We are very excited. We are extremely pleased with the service we received with HomeCore, and will recommend you to friends and family.
– Jessica & Jacob

Rob was very explicit and made sure we understood what he was talking about. We got clear answers to our questions, as well he opened our eyes to a lot of things about the home and home purchase. His remarks in the home inspection binder are helpful in what I am working on, e.g. communicating with companies about the roof.
Thanks for the good service.
– Sekayi & Johannah

Rob was very thorough and answered more questions than we knew we had! He did the inspection on the house I am currently living in and I remembered him very well from that time. I would definitely use him again if we move in the future (though I’m really hoping I never have to move again).
Thank you,
– Elaine & Brenden

Hi Robert,
It was nice meeting you today.
You were great and very professional, with a lot of knowledge and pride in what you do. I’m glad that I made the best decision in choosing HomeCore for my home inspection.
I now have some knowledge on how a house is built and run. Thank you for making the whole process easier to understand. I will definitely recommend you to family, friends and colleagues.
-Aklilu & Semret

Everything was perfect with the home inspection. Rob was amazing; thorough, helpful, kind … went above and beyond what I expected from him.
Thank you,
– Dan

We found Rob to be very informative, patient (meaning that he simply was in no rush to finish the inspection), thorough and just generally a nice person. We were very pleased with the service he provided and would definitely use him again if the situation arose.
Thanks again,
– Sandra & Paul

Rob was wonderful and did answer all my questions. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and the binder full of information and useful charts and checklists. The binder will be a very useful reference tool for many years.
If I hear of anyone needing a home inspection, I will definitely recommend HomeCore.
– Susanne

I’m really happy my agent Jen Dumitrescu recommended you. Thanks for doing such a thorough job and making suggestions on appliances, paint sealer and the fireplace in addition to what you mentioned in the report. Oh yes, I can’t forget the automatic blinds!
Thanks again and please feel free to use me as a reference.
– Robert

Rob did a phenomenal job on our inspection! As first time homebuyers there’s a lot of uncertainty and with that comes A LOT of questions. Not only did Rob cover everything off in great detail, he broke down all the integral parts of the house in a way that was easy to understand. We’re really excited. I can honestly say it would not have happened without such a thorough inspection.
Thank you so much! I would recommend Rob’s services to anyone!
Have a great day!
– Bianca & Brett

We found Rob incredibly helpful and thorough with his inspection, and the information he gave was easy for laypeople (like us) to understand. Tiffany and I were really pleased with how comprehensive Rob was, both in person on the day of the inspection and in the book he left with us. We’ve already talked him up to a couple of friends who may be looking at buying in the not-too-distant future!
– Justin & Tiffany

Rob is AMAZING! We feel like we purchased “peace of mind” instead of a home inspection! Identifying the bat problem in the attic in advance has saved us $5,000 that we would have paid to rectify the problem, instead the sellers are fixing the problem. We would definitely call Rob again as well as recommend him to our family, friends and work colleagues. Thanks for the informative binder… VERY useful, especially when the insurance company starts asking all kinds of questions.
Best Wishes,
– Pierina & Ivan

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I have finalized the purchase of our new home. We’re really confident about our decision, especially with the information provided in the report.
I’m sure Rob will miss us, but (un)fortunately we won’t be needing him to inspect homes for us for a while.
We did have a thought that it would be too funny if he ended up inspecting our home for a potential buyer since we’ll be putting ours on the market shortly.
Thanks for all of your help!
– Christine & Stephen

Thank you for the excellent work with our home inspection.
We were very impressed with the level of detail and explanations you provided. The time taken to not only inspect the home, but to also answer any questions/ concerns we had was greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
– Rajin & Antara

It was the best $400 we’ve ever spent! We did not buy the house; however, we will be contacting you as soon as we find THE house, again!
– Jeff & Kristy

Rob did a great job with the home inspection. He was very detailed in the whole process and offered help down the road if we need it. A bit of work is needed in the house so we will need to find a trusted contractor(s) eventually. The binder given to us is a great tool to use for the future; it’s a great reference to make sure we monitor our home properly.
Please give Rob a big thanks for us.
– Kevin & Sara

Rob was amazing and answered all of our questions and more. He made us feel quite comfortable and really spoke to us at a level that worked for us.
We had an amazing experience and will definitely keep your number around for our next move, which hopefully will be a while from now!
– Patrick & Michelle

The inspection went great, well, Rob was wonderful. He was very informative and knowledgeable and thorough. We were so glad we went with you!
We are putting on a new roof and updating the wiring as per Rob’s suggestion. We are so excited! Thank you both so much- it was great doing business with you! We will be sure to recommend HomeCore to all friends in need of an inspection.
Thank you.
– Laura & Clayton

The inspection went great. Rob was knowledgeable and very helpful. He put all my concerns into perspective so that I was able to make an informed decision. I am glad I picked HomeCore to do my inspection.
Thank you truly,
– Amy

The inspection went extremely well. I was surprised and delighted that I would be given a binder with comprehensive notes and extensive support materials. He started by providing a comprehensive review of what he was going to do, and then he did just that. The level of detail was good, the thoroughness was appreciated, and the service impeccable.
Robert answered my questions sufficiently. He was clear about what was opinion and what was within bounds of his services. I appreciate his candor and openness. I worried about the repairs required and realized I was approaching it from a good position: being in the know ahead of time.
I would recommend Robert to others.
– Rob

Rob was wonderful. Very thorough, professional, and easy to talk to.
By the way, we referred another couple, who since had Rob inspect our home for them. Being on the [vendor] end of things was a pleasure too. I guess everyone gets a bit nervous at the thought of having their home inspected (especially knowing how very thorough Rob is), but it was about as painless as it could be. Sure our home has faults (most every home does, I imagine) but he had a way of making us not feel bad about them.
– Nadia & Darrick

Rob was fantastic. He walked me through everything and answered all my questions, as well as giving me some great tips on things I need to consider when I move in. I have already referred him to 2 friends.
Thanks for everything,
– Pauline

Rob had done an excellent job with the inspection. He was really knowledgeable with homes and he was very patient in taking the time to explain and inspect everything. I would definitely refer rob to my friends and family. Great job!
– Riel & Gulshan

The inspection went very well, however, I did not purchase the home. Robert’s opinion, explanation and report saved me from making a wrong decision of buying the property. I will surely recommend his services again and use it when I require with my next purchase.
Thank you!
– Yusuf
[Yusuf hired an “inexperienced” inspector the day before who concluded the house was fine. His agent was rightly suspicious and encouraged Yusuf to hire Rob who found so, so many things wrong.]

The home inspection went great. Rob answered all of our questions that we had and then gave information to things we didn’t even think of. He was very informative. Definitely will recommend him to any of our friends that decide to buy.
– Mike and Starrlene

Rob was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to explain about the inner and outer workings of the house (which was great for me because I don’t know much about home ownership). Sadly, I was not the lucky bidder which was mildly heartbreaking!
I hope to work with you and Rob again soon.
– Laura

Rob had done an excellent job with the inspection. He was really knowledgeable with homes and he was very patient in taking the time to explain and inspect everything. I would definitely refer rob to my friends and family. Great job!
– Riel & Gulshan

I felt very confident with this inspection. The review and understanding of the major services in the house are complicated and expensive items, but they were explained clearly and thoroughly. We did not get the house – it went WELL over asking.
Rob was great, and we’d definitely use him again. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to do another inspection!
– Tyler & Sarah

Rob was extremely thorough and answered all my questions expertly. As it turns out we did not put a bid in for the house.
However, I believe that the inspection gave us valuable insights into the house and allowed us to make an informed decision. As it was our first home inspection, it also gave a great deal of insight into the critical systems within any house and has already helped us to understand the existing home inspection on another house we are looking at.
If we find that we need an inspection on another house that does not have a reputable pre-inspection or no pre-inspection we will definitely go through you again.,
Thank you,
– Dan & Julia

I just wanted to thank you very much for doing the home inspection the other day. I didn’t have much time to talk with you afterwards as I was speaking to the owner, but thank you for doing a great job.
You were professional and courteous. It’s because of people like you who care about their work and also do it very well that make the difference in who I hire as a Home Inspector – and did so again – because of your professionalism and knowledge. Please feel free to use me as reference, and I will gladly refer you to any family member or friend who is purchasing a home.
Thanks again,
– Ted

Rob was very detailed with all his information and took the time to answer all questions that he could answer. He is definitely one of the more thorough inspectors that I have seen. I found Rob and the report he provided extremely helpful. Rob pointed out some items that may have been overlooked by other inspectors. As an example, there was a furnace oil line that was buried under the pavement. Rob clearly indicated that this should be inspected by a TSSA inspector and changes made if required. As a result, the seller had to remove the line and replace it with a new above-ground line so that it met code. Without this, I would have purchased the home not knowing this was not meeting code and potentially had an issue on my hands. His information and report was excellent.
– Serge

Rob was fantastic and did a thorough job. He definitely covered all the bases and thanks to his expertise we are very confident we made a great purchase. I will definitely recommend Rob and HomeCore to friends and family.
Thank you,
– Jackie & Rich

The inspection and Rob were great! He is very professional – this guy is very good! He answered all our questions with great insights. We were very pleased by the service of your company. We should have more house inspectors like your company.
Thanks again,
– Stephane

We were VERY pleased with the level of service we received with our home inspection. Rob was very thorough and took great care in explaining the details to us. He gave us great tips for the future maintenance and care of our home. I have already referred HomeCore to a friend who is looking to buy a house!
Thanks again!
– Christine & Simon

The inspection with Rob went fantastically! As first time home buyers, this has been an exciting time for us but, simultaneously, very nerve-wracking. Rob helped to settle our nerves about the house and explained everything in language that we would understand.
– Kristine & Robert

The inspection went quite fine. Rob’s thoroughness is exactly what we were looking for and is the reason we chose to use his services again (I initially used him ~5years ago while purchasing my current home).
Satisfied customer 🙂
– Roberta & Carin

I was thoroughly impressed and I thought the [inspection] was valuable. Rob anticipated my questions and answered most of them before I even had to ask. He took the time to explain things to me in terms I could understand and, in my mind, went above and beyond by showing me some basics around my condo. He provided his photos in a very timely fashion. Overall, a more than valuable and also pleasant experience. Rob’s approach instills confidence and credibility, yet also makes a person feel at ease.
Excellent work.
– Karey

Rob was extremely helpful for us. As first time home buyers there were a lot of things that we didn’t know to look for, or weren’t aware that we should be concerned with. He gave us a very technical overview that helped us really grasp what we were doing. We were very pleased with everything from the inspection itself, to the scrutinizing details of the report. The book is great!
Thanks again for all of your help and send our thanks to Rob as well.
Best Regards,
– Mark & Laura

Rob was very thorough in his presentation and with providing us as much detail as he possibly could. We were very impressed with his knowledge and his attention to detail.
I just wanted to say that we really liked Rob and would definitely recommend him again. We ended up pursuing another house instead. For the second property, we specifically asked the selling agent to give us an extra day for inspection as Rob was not available on the day they suggested. At that point we did not want to use another inspector since we were very confident in Rob’s abilities.
– Anthony & Nancy

Rob answered all our questions and was a true professional. The process of selling and purchasing a new home is not an easy task. You quickly learn to rely on people like Rob to assist. I really cannot say enough about how honest and upfront Rob was in dealing with us. I really appreciated it. Your assistance [Sheila] was unexpected but greatly appreciated too!
When the opportunity presents itself again, we will certainly call on you and Rob to guide us through the inspection process.
– Natalie & Paul

Thanks again for doing my home inspection. I knew that Rob would be more than thorough and he was. I also knew that he would look out for my interests and take the time to explain things to me, which he of course did. When Rob said it was a good place, I knew he was saying it from a home inspection perspective as well as a personal perspective as he knows me well.
– Julie

Rob was wonderful – professional and courteous. He took the time to go through everything with me and explained things in a manner that I could understand. He answered all my questions and I felt confident going through with the purchase. I was very pleased with my HomeCore experience.
– Sasha

I would like to say that Rob was great and took the time to explain his thoughts in a matter that we, the homeowner, can understand. I think your service is great and will 100% recommend your services to others. Again I thought your service was grand.
– Jason & Karen

We were very pleased with the whole process and Rob answered all questions very thoroughly. I will add this is only the second time we have been through the home inspection process, but this experience was hands down much more detailed, descriptive / informative and overall more professional than the first time. I would gladly refer you to anyone looking for a home inspection.
Best Regards,
– Paul & Leigh-Anne

Rob was great at going over all of my concerns and highlighting the areas that need work. I like that he differentiated between what needs immediate attention versus items to attend to as we go.
Thanks for your help!
– Dawn

Thank Rob for us. His inspection was an important reason why we won the bidding war. We had knowledge that others did not.
– Ed & Nini

I have to say Rob was absolutely terrific!! We left the house after the inspection completely understanding the whole evaluation: the process and the disclosure of his opinions. We will be contacting you guys again should we buy as well as refer you guys to anyone we know who is going through the same situation. Thank you so much.
– Stephanie & Joseph

Rob did a wonderful job with the inspection and answered all of our questions. He was very thorough and after the inspection he emailed us pictures to better explain what he had described to us. Overall, we had a great experience with HomeCore!
– Sammy & Jessica

Rob did a great job in answering all of our questions and concerns. The inspection was thorough and very informative! It was a pleasure working with your company and we will refer you to any of our friends that are purchasing in the future.
– Tara & Justin

Spectacular inspector. We greatly appreciate the extra tips that Rob provided.
Thank you,
– Dong & Daniela

We found the information provided to us by Rob to be extremely helpful. He gave us a good idea of the state of the home and what needs to be done, and clear explanation of issues/ramifications.
– Catherine & Philip

Honestly… you totally exceeded my expectations. I seriously don’t know how you do all this for only $483?? Easily worth $600 and I’ll be passing your name along… you can count on it. I wish everyone I had to pay for anything was as meticulous as this.
– Corey

Robert was excellent! Emily and I were more than pleased with the job he performed. He was beyond thorough and answered many questions that we had. He gave us excellent pointers to look out for when we move in to our new house. He even got us back some money on the closing price to repair a minor deficiency that he astutely found in the ventilation system.
I would highly recommend Robert to anyone for a home inspection!
– Shane & Emily

We were very happy with our home inspection and with Rob. He more than covered our questions, he answered them before we even thought to ask them. We especially liked the binder and how everything was organized for us to look back on.
– Erin & Daniel

Rob certainly answered all of my questions and more. The electrical, structural and plumbing explanations were well done and put my mind at ease. I was very impressed with how thorough and conscientious he was!
– Daniel

Rob answered all of our questions and then some. The inspection was quite informative, especially because we are from the US and inspections there pale in comparison. Overall it was great! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who is buying a new home.
Kind regards,
– Liza & Antonio

I wanted to thank you [Sheila] and Rob for all your help and assistance with this home inspection. We were very pleased with the inspection; Rob was incredibly detailed and thorough, and gave us many tips on how to properly care for our home, such as the explanations of safety features and which ones require the most attention. We are also very pleased with the Home Inspection Report; it was incredibly detailed and informative.
Thanks again for all your help!
– Nitu & Rob

It was such a pleasure working with Rob. He answered all questions I had. He covered so much there was little for me to ask about. I am still working my way through the book. It’s a wonderful resource! I will probably have a few more questions for Rob – unless of course I come upon the answers in my reading – but I especially want to talk to him on the solar heating of the pool that he did so much research on.
– Brigitte & Brian

The home inspection was a great first time experience. Rob was very thorough and explained as much as possible to help educate us as first time condo buyers. As the condo has never been lived in, the inspection was relatively quick and straight forward. Rob pointed out a few minor areas of caution, but nothing too serious.
Overall, we feel it was a high quality home inspection service.
– Drew & Sasha

We really liked Rob. He has an easy and approachable manner. Most importantly, he explained things in lay terms that were easy for us to understand (without making it sound like he was talking “down” to us). I liked the way that he explained all of the criteria for the home inspection and the sections of the binder first before doing the walk through of the house itself. I found it much easier to understand his process. That, in turn, made it easier to understand the house – which is the main thing.
Thanks again,
– Sonya & Andrew

A lot of [the decision to purchase the house] was based on Rob’s House Inspection. He took the time to answer all of my questions along with arousing questions that I did not even think about. Further to that, he was able to help me understand some costs of things that we will be performing on the house, e.g., re-shingling. Great job on the House Inspection, I was overly impressed and will try to recommend Rob when anyone I know going through this process.
– Jeremy & Jocelyn

The home inspection that Rob did for us was fantastic. Being first time home buyers we weren’t even sure what questions we should be asking. Rob was very knowledgeable and put our minds at ease right from the start. He spoke on our level and was very patient with all of our questions. We would definitely recommend him to any of our friends.
Thank you again for providing such a great service.
– Aimee & Cory

Rob was amazing. Both myself and our real estate agent Ron were quite impressed with Rob’s very thorough inspection. He also gave us some great tips and advice for the repairs and maintenance of the house.
Thanks again,
– Trish & Andrea

The inspection went well and we were quite pleased. Rob seemed to be very knowledgeable and appeared to complete a very in-depth review of the home and its various components. He was most definitely able to answer all of our questions and offered valuable advice about further information we could try to obtain from the sellers. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided.
Kind regards,
– Robert & Christina

The inspection went very well. Rob was very good in explaining to us all of his findings in detail and, when something needed some fixing-up, what our options were and possible consequences of “ignoring” the problem. He was very thorough and answered all of our questions.
– Pascal & Alison

Hi Rob,
I hope you’re having a fantastic day! I wanted to drop you a quick line and THANK YOU again for all your help with the inspection – I’m happy that things worked out on this home! You’re an absolute pleasure to work with- both Joe and I can’t thank you enough- you’re so thorough and detailed. From the first time you inspected our first property 7 years ago, we have been telling everyone we know that if they are buying a house they have to have you inspect the property- hopefully some will be moving soon so we can send some business your way!!
Thanks again Rob for your great service and your help!! Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s great!
Kind Regards,
– Cynthia & Joe

Everything went very well with the home inspection. Rob answered all of our questions and a whole lot more; we were so impressed with him and the whole process. We learned quite a lot.
Thanks for everything; we’ll definitely be recommending HomeCore.
– Martin & Jenna

Rob was very detailed and thorough, and his report did make the purchase of both houses much less stressful and more enjoyable. I appreciate the fact that he answered many of our questions ranging from maintenance issues to future renovations related issues, as well as some general questions about building codes. I feel comfortable passing Rob’s reference to anyone else that may require his services.
– Allen

First of all, I’d like to say that Amanda and I were very pleased with our home inspection. Rob provided us with a lot of useful information, and answered all of the questions that we had. We are confident that we have made a good choice with the help of your inspection.
Thank you for providing such a high quality of service. We will definitely be recommending your company to all of our home-buying friends.
-Brian & Amanda

I had a home inspection done by Rob and was very satisfied with the end results. He answered all my questions, explained things to me in a context which I could understand, and gave me tips on how to maintain my home inside as well as outside.
Thanks very much.

There is no question that Rob is very knowledgeable and he took great care to ensure that we understood what he was talking about. All questions or concerns were addressed by Rob. Even so, Rob said that we could call him if we had any more questions. Although I work in the construction industry, I would not have been able to assess our home in such detail as Rob did. There is definitely value in a home inspection and I would recommend to others that they do an inspection as well.
-John & Lori

The inspection went well, Rob was very informative and whatever questions we had he was able to answer them. I did end up purchasing the house and now, thanks to Rob, I know what needs to be done to make improvements on the home.

First, let me just thank you, Sheila, for accommodating our home inspection day so promptly. Everything went wonderfully; Rob answered all our questions and then some. Thanks again to Rob for all his hard work.
– Shazela & Scott

Rob did a phenomenal job, which gave us the confidence in knowing we made the right purchase decision. He was able to provide answers that had not even occurred to us. He was thorough and very clear in his explanations. We’re very satisfied with the service we received.
Thanks again,
– Patricia & Medwin

I found Rob’s inspection really thorough and very helpful. Especially helpful was the inspection book he gave us. Not only does this help to map out problems and issues with the house, but it also gives us a map and a game plan for the future.
I was really pleased with the amount of time and detail that Rob provided and would be happy to use him in any future housing adventure.
Thank you.
– Richard & Tony

Everything was great and Rob was very thorough and explained everything in detail. We were both very impressed with the depth of the inspection and are purchasing the home with confidence that all of the work needed was identified during the inspection.
– Melissa & Brad

Rob answered our questions, very thoroughly, detailed, and well explained I might add. Our main concern was for the inspector to have the time to do his aspect of the inspection and create an exhaustive report, which is exactly what Rob did.
Thanks again Sheila! Your service is outstanding, and Rob’s inspection was equally outstanding and informative.
We will be sure to refer HomeCore to our friends and family on all future purchases.
Take care,
– Clay & Clayton

Everything went very well, better than we had expected. Rob answered all our questions and more. He was very informative and detailed and providing actual photos really helped explain things and verify with the builder.
The information we got was very useful and uncovered a potential long term warranty issue that we would not have noticed until it was too late (i.e. missing roof vent).
Other neighbours have inquired, when they saw the sign, and I told them what a great service Rob provided. They were very interested, so I hope you get some calls.
Thanks again,
– Debbie & Alex

Firstly, the inspection was the best 400 bucks we’ve spent in a long time! I don’t normally write cheques that large while smiling!
Rob turned up several issues which were central in our decision to re-offer at a lower price. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we could not come to an agreement with the sellers and the deal fell through.
Rob… he was awesome! He spoke to me at just the right blend of lay and technical. He went into sufficient detail on required maintenance and the like and spent a good amount of time discussing smaller issues which may turn into bigger ones if not addressed. I still laugh at the cooler in the attic!
Anyway, we’re starting again fresh with new buyers’ representation who have an energy and speed more in tune with ours and who can offer more insight into the area and comparable properties. We‘re pumped!
We’re definitely going to call you back for another inspection as we push forward. Keep our file handy! This time we’re going to look a lot closer at the property up front so as not to be “surprised” again!
BTW Sheila, your pre-inspection primer and planning was fantastic as well!
All the best!
– Bryan & Daniela

Truly a pleasure meeting with you, and thank you for your patience and for sharing your breadth of knowledge with me. I certainly learned much in terms of important issues – and I feel more confident with the sale of my house.
The [pre-list] summary is both clearly informative and descriptive. I realize this report demanded time and I am so appreciative – looks great! – and fair (pics turned out well!). I know this information will provide the buyer with confidence as well.
Thanks again and best wishes,
– Michelle 🙂

The inspection ran extremely smoothly. Rob was very knowledgeable and helpful with all his information. We will definitely refer him to friends and family.
Thanks again and pass on my many thanks to Rob for the very thorough inspection.
– Erik & Tiffany

First I would like to say thanks for a wonderful home inspection experience. It was our first home inspection and we did not know what to expect from it. Rob did an excellent job inspecting our future house; it went above and beyond our expectations. We learnt a lot about what to expect with a house that age as well as the steps to take to maintain it.
– Milen & Kristen

Rob was fantastic!! I love his approach and how he put everything into “layman” terms. The binder will be a great reference to get a few items updated / fixed in the near future. I would recommend Rob to family and friends without hesitation.
– Cindy

Rob’s report was extensive and as a result we took a long hard look at the house and its shortcomings regarding the renovations. Some renovations were not done to code and the vendor was unable to provide evidence of any permits or inspections. We chose not to purchase the home. We think Rob is an excellent inspector and will use him again as we keep looking for the home for us.
– Wendy

Our inspection went very well. Rob was most informative & gave us some very good info on the caring & maintaining a house… some of which I’m sad to say didn’t even occur to us even though we’ve owned our current home for almost 20 years!!! Once again, we were very pleased with the service we received from Rob and would not hesitate to recommend your office to others.
Thank you again.
– Liliane & Alexandre

Rob did a great job, he really explained everything thoroughly from any actual issues right down to his methodology for the assessment. He gave some helpful maintenance tips and we plan on using the binder to help us keep on top of things at our new home.
We are really happy with Rob and the assessment and will call HomeCore before we purchase our next home. We’ll also be recommending HomeCore to any friends needing an inspection.
– Daniel & Marlis

The inspection was great. Rob was fantastic. Thanks for everything. Your services were great and we will pass your info on to anyone else we know who may need them.
Take care,
– Brenda & Steve

Thanks for the advice and the tip for dealing with the fence. You are most welcome for the referral! I recall doing a lot of research to find you and, as you know, we were happy with your home inspection services. The after sales follow-up is definitely appreciated as well.
Warm Regards,
– Mimi

The inspection went very well, as expected. Rob answered all our questions. He is truly a professional individual. He inspected every detail that we expected from a home inspection. A few individuals had mentioned we do not need a home inspection, but it is peace of mind. Money well spent.
Thank you all very much.
With kindest regards,
– Tyrone & Deborah

The inspection went very well. Rob was informative and my son enjoyed the experience with him. As a first time home buyer he was very both excited and anxious to hear just how well the home had been maintained in the past. Rob spoke with both Kyle and I in a way that we could understand the needs and issues that may arise in the future. Overall it was a great experience.
– Christine

Everything went great with the inspection. Rob answered all of our questions and had a number of helpful suggestions. I must say I was very impressed on the emphasis Rob placed on the privacy of our information in regards to future marketing and contact.
– Scott & Vira

Rob was great and answered all of our questions. The home report was excellent and extremely detailed. His findings led to an investigation by a plumbing service regarding basement moisture, a problem which is currently being corrected. All in all, it was well worth the time and expense. We certainly appreciate your help.
Thanks again,
– Stephen & Sabira

Rob was excellent and answered all my questions. I was also impressed with his extensive knowledge in the field on home construction.
We are very pleased with his service and hope to use him in the future when we have out grown our new residence.
– Walter & Sandra

Rob was wonderful. He certainly answered all of our questions, and had answers to questions we never even thought we had! He also made himself available in the future if we ever had any other questions or concerns. Thanks again and we will definitely refer any friends or family who may require your services.
All the best,
– Heather & Jon

I thought Rob was very thorough and detailed in his assessment and description of his findings. I feel that the whole process was applicable. Each piece of information was relevant and informative. Greatly appreciated! I will be a return customer for sure.
– Dave

Rob was great — very informative! This was our 1st inspection and he explained everything to us, including what to look for in the future (maintenance). We’re used to condo life, so “downspouts” was just something I’d heard of on HGTV, but never really thought about. We also appreciate that Rob gave us his card, so we can contact him with any further questions we might have (it was a lot to take in all at once).
Thank you,
– Julie & Andrew

Rob answered all of our questions. We found him to be sincere and trustworthy and we really appreciated his apparent caring. We were able to weigh the information he provided us and came to the decision not to finalize the deal. We consider ourselves lucky to have been through this process–we learned a lot and feel better equipped to pre-judge the houses we continue to view. Obviously our new found pre-judging capabilities are by no means equivalent to a house inspection so we would definitely be interested in using Rob’s services again and the no-book discount you mentioned.
Many thanks,
– Taryn & David

Rob answered all of our questions and more. We truly appreciated his professionalism and assistance. He caught two major issues that we did not catch. We renegotiated the pricing to reflect the repair/upgrade we would have to make and, in the end, the vendors agreed to a half way point of $ 2,500.00.
Once again, we truly appreciate both of your help. I will make sure I mention your company to anyone in need of your service.
PS – to think others told me I didn’t need a home inspection done -phew!
– Mary & Bertin

Robert was fantastic!! He covered all the bases and was extremely thorough. We have already started to recommend him to all our friends and family looking to buy in the near future. I really appreciated the information and expert advice. We are very excited and can’t wait to move in.
Once again, thanks,
– Pam & Apzal

Rob was very helpful. He answered Danny’s questions and went over the inspection report with him in great detail. The binder Rob provided has a wealth of information for us to review. Thanks again for the great service. We will always refer friends to HOMECORE.
– Palmira & Danny

Rob was fantastic. He did an excellent job of describing the home to us. Sadly, we were unsuccessful in our offer to purchase this particular home. We would definitely use Homecore in the future, as we are still actively looking to purchase.
– Heather & Ben

Rob’s inspection and review with us was one of the reasons we felt so confident in the amount with which we eventually won the bid. After his personal inspection he took us through the house and explained each major section of the report, his findings, and his recommendations. Thoroughly professional and very personable, we would recommend Rob to anyone we know needing home inspection services.
Thanks again, and we’ll probably be contacting you regarding recommendations on some of the small jobs we need done around the new house.
– Brad & Theresa

The house inspection was more than I expected. Rob did a fabulous job and answered all my questions and concerns. Rob was very thorough and provided me with comprehensive documentation of his findings.
Thank you for donating your services to the charity.
– Janis

Everything with the inspection was great. Rob was very thorough and explained everything to us that was unclear to us. We had lots of questions and Rob answered them all.
Thanks again for your services and expertise.
– Lena and Dean

Rob was AWESOME!! He was very thorough. He answered all of Garrett’s questions and concerns. I don’t think we could have gotten a better inspection by anyone else. We are very happy with the amount of time and care he took with the inspection. We would definitely recommend your services to our friends (and we have).
Thank you SO MUCH!!
– LatDao and Garrett

Everything went great with the home inspection. Rob answered all my questions to my satisfaction and did a really good job of explaining details of the home inspection at a level that I could understand. My agent was also very impressed with Rob. Sadly, there were 11 offers on the house and I was not the lucky bidder. I will definitely hang onto the report, as I fully intend to use your services the next time I plan to put an offer in for a house.
Many thanks,
– Trixie

Rob was great. He answered all our questions. Your service was excellent. Would recommend to all my friends. You guys do a really good job!! Really felt Rob was an extra miler in terms of service and support.
– Steve & Susan

The inspection went very well. We were very pleased with Rob’s service. He answered all our questions and even more – I mean he gave us all the details about the condition of the house and advice in terms of future maintenance.
We’ll be happy to choose HomeCore again!
– Anca & Radu

All of our questions were answered during the home inspection that Rob did for us. And yes, we were finally the lucky bidders. I was very pleased with Rob’s thoroughness and patience in explaining anything that I was not familiar with. I will definitely recommend HomeCore to friends and family.
Thank you,
– Lisa & Cory

Rob was great help. The inspection was illuminating. It was a really great experience, and we will be using his report to guide us through immediate repairs and then maintaining the house in the future.
– Paul & Amy

Thank you for following up. It’s great to get personalized service and to know that you aren’t forgotten. The inspection went really well and Rob did a fantastic job of explaining everything to me, and answering all questions. Overall, I am very pleased with the services provided and would definitely recommend HomeCore to my friends and family!
Best Regards,
– Shumaila

Rob was very helpful and informative and thorough which was great as we are new to the ‘home buying’ process. We would like you to know that we would have no hesitations using Rob and Homecore again in the future and will definitely refer others to HomeCore as well. Thank you as well, Sheila, for your help and assistance… it was a pleasure to speak with you and you were most helpful in helping us to schedule/arrange the inspection.
Thank you again.
– Isaac and Erin

Everything went very well with the inspection. Our expectations were met and exceeded. Rob was fantastic! He answered all our questions and more. He was very knowledgeable and really helped us to understand what he was trying to explain. We really appreciate all that HomeCore has done to help us make such an important decision. We feel very comfortable with our home purchase, especially after the overall inspection rating.
– Daniel & Catherine

Rob answered all of our questions in a very competent and professional manner. It is obvious that Rob cares a great deal about his job, and that is very comforting with such a major purchase.
Thanks for your support,
– Darren & Kirsten

We were both very impressed with Rob’s professionalism, and his knowledge regarding the inspection and home maintenance in general. We have already recommended your service to friends of ours.
– Alex & Lisa

Rob did a great job on the home inspection for us! He was professional but also friendly in answering the questions we had! Rob pointed out many items and suggested corrective action options for us and gave us some time lines that we very helpful.
Thank you so much for your great service as we found so much and I am enjoying the detail of the report and tips!
– Wayne & Isela

The inspection went very well. I felt Rob was very thorough and provided me with a lot of details and information (helpful for a first time home owner). We were not the lucky bidders, however a just a few days later we engaged Rob yet again for another inspection… this time we were the lucky bidders. Again, I was very comfortable with Rob’s assessment. I was not able to be there for the walkthrough, but he took time to walk thorough it with me over the phone while on site and answered all my questions.
Thank you!
– Pam & Lee

Rob was great. He was very thorough and took us through his findings at a pace which made us feel very comfortable. He was great at answering all our questions and was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the home. He made us aware of what we needed to be cautious of and what he thought was acceptable. Rob was very professional at all times and we were very thankful for having him onsite to help us with the Home Inspection.
– Dave & Marisa

Rob was wonderful, informative, and very patient with us. Rob answered all our questions, and was kind enough to let us know that we could call him in the future, and that “no question is silly”.
– Mike & Rose

Unfortunately we didn’t get the house as another party out bid us. However, we were extremely pleased with Rob’s work – he was thorough, knowledgeable and a very pleasant person. He took the time to explain anything we didn’t understand and I felt that he was honest with us and that he didn’t cut any corners which we really appreciated.
We would definitely request Rob’s services again and would not hesitate to recommend him and HomeCore to our friends.
– Blair & Tannis

Rob was very thorough and detailed throughout the inspection. I showed my boss (who is a builder) the inspection book – he was impressed – had never seen one done like that before – also he was impressed with the estimated costs for repairs – pretty accurate. I will certainly recommend your company.
– Donna

The home inspection was fantastic. Rob is very knowledgeable and was able to share a lot of detailed information with us. I have never gone through a home inspection before, but I thought he was very thorough. I really appreciate the full service that is provided.
– James

Rob made us feel very comfortable; we walked away at the end of the inspection feeling very well informed. As new “old home” buyers we didn’t know exactly what to expect with an older home. Rob’s explanation of all the details, from attic insulation to plumbing and everything in-between, was very informative and unbiased. We now feel comfortable knowing what areas of the house will need priority repairs and which can wait until a later date. You have provided us with the facts we needed to know to move ahead with our decision to purchase this property. We would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone we know requiring this type of service.
– Greg and Erin

Rob answered all of our questions and then some. He was extremely professional and thorough in his inspection. Not only did he inspect our home and made us confident of our decision but also gave us a time line and plan for future maintenance and suggested changes. We are very glad we hired him for the job. We actually know and appreciate the difference between a ‘real’ inspection and just an ‘inspection.’ Thank you so much for your help. I’m going to recommend you to anybody I know who needs an inspection. I really appreciate your follow-ups and hope to continue our relationship with your company.
Once again, thanks for everything.
– Mamdooh

We felt Rob did an excellent job of the inspection, and in helping us make our final decision. Rob answered all of our questions, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for all of your help. We have a lot of peace of mind, with this property, largely thanks to Rob’s inspection.
– Lynne

The inspection went very well and Rob was very thorough in explaining all the issues with the house. The seller agreed to address most of the issues of concern and my wife and I finalized the purchase. I will be referencing the report a lot in order to address some of the minor issues. Rob did an excellent job and his report has proven to be an invaluable service. We would like to thank Homecore for providing this service.
Kind Regards!
– Ameer & Jean

The inspection was great and we were very happy with Rob’s services. Rob addressed all of our concerns and we felt comfortable moving forward based on his thoughts and recommendations. You can be sure that if any one requests the name of a good house inspector, Rob will be the person we recommend.
– Toby

Everything went well with the inspection. Wayne was very pleased with Rob, all questions were answered and Wayne found him to be attentive to detail. We will refer him to others since he did such a great job.
Thank you again for your services,
– Ida and Wayne

Rob was excellent, he provided me with great information on our house. It pays to work with a qualified/registered home inspector. As well, I am planning on changing careers into Real Estate within the next 6-12 months and would be passing along your name to future clients of mine. I was really impressed with HomeCore and glad to recommend you to my future clients.
Thanks for all your help!!
– David

Everything went well with the inspection. Rob was professional, friendly and very informative. He addressed all of our questions thoroughly and without confusion. We are very pleased with the service that was provided and will recommend his service highly.
Kindest regards,
– Thomas

Hi, Sheila, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for arranging Mr. Rob Hermann to conduct our inspection. It was our first experience in having a home inspection. We enjoyed this experience, as Rob went through the inspection process and provided us with tips on the maintenance of our home. The report will be handy for our home maintenance.
Please convey our thanks to Rob.
Thanks again,
– Chaitanya and Neeta

Rob answered all of our questions, and answered a lot we wouldn’t have even thought to ask. Very pleased with the inspection and the supplementary data that was provided. The maintenance schedules will be especially helpful as we’re first-time buyers. We ended up finalizing the deal two days later and used the information from the inspection to negotiate a lower price with the sellers, so the inspection definitely paid off.

Our inspection was great. Honestly, it was a little scary for us as first-time home buyers, since we hadn’t really anticipated how things can add up so quickly.
Rob was fantastic and thorough. He gave us a lot of information and recommendations on how to maintain the home. He was very clear and helped us understand the issues he presented to us. Rob helped us identify the knob and tube wiring that exists only on the top floor and would have made the house extremely expensive to insure. I am convinced that a less professional inspector could have missed this, leaving us in a tough position.
Thanks to Rob’s report we have a prioritized maintenance plan, a budget and an idea of what we need to keep our eyes on.
We’re very satisfied with the inspection and report.
– Todd

Rob was great. He answered all of our questions. As a first time home buyer I had no idea what was about to happen and before I could ask him, he beat me to it!! He started off introducing himself, what he does and what he was about to do in his inspection. He was also very helpful in explaining his findings. Rob was very professional and I would recommend him and your company to anyone.
– Cindy

We felt that Rob was very thorough with the inspection and answered all our questions beyond our expectations. We were very impressed with the structured method of the inspection and the structure of the report. The inspection report exceeded our expectations – we were expecting a 5-page report, but instead got a very detailed report that was extremely well organized and easier to follow than we had expected.
Aside from reporting about safety-related things, he pointed out things we could do to improve the future value of the house by suggesting areas where the house needed improvement and suggested things that we never would’ve thought to do to prevent potential costly deterioration to the home. Rob pointed out items that could present issues later down the road and suggested methods of prevention. Both Andrew and I felt that the suggestions were very helpful in giving us a direction where we can start improvements when we move in.
Andrew and I talked about the inspection after it was done and we both said that we were very impressed with the detail and thoroughness with which it was completed. Sorry for being so long-winded but I really wanted to express how happy we are with Rob’s work.
– Alberta & Andrew

Rob was recommended to us by my aunt and now I know why. I will be recommending Rob in the future. He was absolutely wonderful! He is methodical and explains everything. He is a pleasure to work with. It’s not too often you find people who take such pride in their work.
Please extend our thanks to Rob once again.
– Anita & Brian

I was very satisfied with the inspection. Rob was very thorough & took the time to explain things to me so that I understood everything. Because it was an older house I was a little nervous about what he might find, and was relieved by his report. My agent, Susan Gunn (Century 21 Premier Realty) , recommended him and I felt confident in his abilities. I would definitely recommend him to others.
– Gail

Rob was excellent, he walked us through the house, pointed out any potential problems. He was more than willing to take whatever time was necessary to answer any and all questions. He conducted himself in a very professional and friendly manner. I will not hesitate to use him in the future, should the need arise and will recommend his services to others.
Thank you very much for the service and please pass along my personal thanks to Rob.
– Wayne

Your report helped tremendously and the vendor agreed to all the requested changes and deficiency repairs. We will be recommending your service to our friends.
– Yuval

I was so pleased with Rob’s most thorough inspection. I feel he left no stone unturned in inspecting my house, and I was able to go forward and finalize the sale with confidence. I also was grateful for his explanation of all the working/electrical/structural parts of my home. I feel that I can now live in this house with confidence.
Thank you Rob!!
– Jo

Janny and I would like to thank you for inspecting our home this past Sunday. The inspection was both informative and very thorough. We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and feel free to use us as a referral. Thanks for the excellent home inspection.
– Mark & Janny

We appreciated Robert’s dedication to his role as a home inspector and excellent knowledge in the building industry; Robert’s comprehensive detail and excellent delivery of the home inspection report; and the comfort level one feels with Robert in asking questions and getting direct comprehensive responses.
– Carlo & Teresa

Rob was fantastic and very professional. As we are first time home buyers, we were unsure of what to expect and Rob was able to walk us through the process and answer all of our questions. The report is a great resource tool, and gave us the confidence to go ahead with our purchase. We also plan on recommending Rob to any of our friends and family who require a home inspector – he was great to work with.
– Jessica & Michael

We were very happy with Rob’s service. He was very patient, organized and professional. We definitely will use your service again when we make our next purchase. As a matter of fact, I have already mentioned Rob’s name to my friend who will be buying more rental properties in the future. My real estate agent was impressed, too.
– Vizona

Rob was, without question, one of the most professional businessmen I have dealt with in a very long time. He was thorough, informative and helpful. I will no doubt recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. Pass along our thanks and ask him how the TV show is going.
– Randy

The service was unbelievably superb. I learned so much. The layout of the book and timelines and suggestions are wonderful. Rob was a wealth of great info, over and above the inspection!! Rob gave me great all-around advice for maintenance and safety issues.
– Wendy

Rob was amazing! He was so informative and he made us feel so comfortable telling us in a simpler form all about our house. We feel like we know our new house well!!!! That binder is amazing!
– Monica & Paul

Rob was so helpful in both our decision to not complete the deal on the first house, and our decision to go ahead and purchase the house we did buy.
I am so happy with the service I have received from HomeCore. After hearing multiple nightmare stories from other people after getting a home inspection by an un/semi-qualified person I think we really made the right decision to research the person we used through the OAHI web site and then to decide to go with your company.
Rob was able to talk to us at a level we were able to easily understand and answered all of our questions beyond expectations. We will be sure to recommend your services to others in the future. Please be sure to thank Rob on our behalf.
– Darren & Nina

Rob was extremely helpful throughout the inspection and he offered invaluable information about the preparation of my own home for sale. I was very impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending his services to my friends and family.
– Larry

Good morning Sheila & Rob, just a quick note to thank you both very much for your assistance in arranging and inspecting our new home!
You are both so very professional and Rob you are meticulous in your inspections. I know both Ian and our agent Joanne were very impressed with all your work and thoroughness and also your suggestions for things to look for in the future.
Again, many, many thanks to both of you for looking after this very important function for us!
Take care,
– Janice & Ian

Rob instills confidence when relaying information. He was very thorough and forthcoming. Of most value we found the pointing out of work that needs to be done immediately. We received excellent advice on directions to go to get the work done. We appreciated learning about what aspects can wait, allowing for prioritizing and budgeting. Rob is excellent at what he does.
Thanks to both Sheila and Rob for your help. Your service was invaluable in helping us decide to go ahead with the house, and what we need to focus on immediately and in the longer term. We would most definitely recommend HomeCore to anyone else we know who is looking to purchase a home; especially an older one such as we have.
– Ian & Susan

HomeReport is thoroughly organized, and will provide us with essential information pertaining to maintenance. As a first-time homebuyer, this will be helpful. Rob gave in-depth explanations to our questions.
– Corrie & Jason

The use of the video for the roof inspection is excellent. It helps to understand. No part of the inspection was irrelevant. Excellent service, money well spent! Thanks!
– John & Caitlin

I just wanted to say a “huge thanks” for your extra visits to verify the electrical panel stuff after I had the first visit by an electrician. Justine & I both really appreciated the professional & personal service – meant a lot to us as first time homebuyers. Your service was above and beyond anything I would have expected and noting your professional pride too, I would highly recommend HomeCore (I’m copying our realtor, John Helfrich from Re/Max Hallmark – hope that’s OK).
– Jeevan & Justine

We were really impressed with Rob’s knowledge and experience, especially his thoroughness to inspect our future home. We loved the binder as well as the email after the inspection to tell us about the garage door opener. Keep up the good work.
– Mary

The inspector was excellent at translating and explaining issues/situations in a manner that was easily understood. Helping us understand insurance troubles and repairs required was also helpful.
– Edgar & Jane

We were extremely satisfied with the home inspection. It was professional and comprehensive and was above our expectations. The inspection was meticulous and well warranted. The inspector was patient and thorough. We put an offer on the home but did not get it. We will definitely use your services in the future and highly recommend your company to our friends and clients.
– Isabel & Kevin

As first time homeowners, there was so much to know. Rob went through everything very thoroughly – all our questions were answered. Knowing we can be in touch down the road is very comforting.
– Deborah & John

After receiving Rob’s report we were happy to purchase the property. Rob is a consummate professional, and we are extremely happy to have used his services, and we will definitely be spreading the word.
– Kevin & Cynthia

I have yet to see an inspector so sincere and honest as Rob Hermann. He thoroughly covered everything I expected. I enjoyed his professionalism and presentation. Thank you.
– Rami & Anet

Rob Hermann inspected our house for us, and our realtor, who was present, said Rob was probably the most thorough inspector he’d ever come across. Rob raised some concerns about the aluminum wiring and advised us to get an electrician in to tie copper ends on so that this wiring would no longer be a concern. My initial reaction was “big deal, a lot of houses have aluminum wiring. My parents have aluminum wring and they have had no problems”, but after discussing the potential risks we decided to be on the safe side and take Rob’s advice.
The electrician came in and said we were very lucky that we called when we did; there were several instances where wires were already burning creating huge fire risks in our home!
With the knowledge Rob gave us about the problems in our house we were able to put in a lower bid. The money we saved not only paid for the inspection but helped cover the cost of the repairs as well. AND with the membership to the Homeservice Club we were able to get an electrician who’s work is guaranteed and got all the repairs done for a much better price than we otherwise could have!
I must say that the HomeCore inspection has been one of the best purchases I have ever made, and it’s clearly paid for itself and then some!
I just want to say thank you to everyone at HomeCore for helping us make our first home purchase a successful one!
– Sarah & Ryan

Being a first-time buyer I was nervous before the inspection, but Rob put all my worries to rest. He has excellent people skills. I felt very confident in Rob’s abilities – he simply lays it all out and let’s you decide. The HomeReport binder is a terrific addition. I will definitely track my new purchase with it. Thank you for such a thorough job!
– Jody & Peter

We were very pleased and impressed with our inspection, particularly in comparison to previous inspections by others. We found the information provided about potential maintenance issues to be the most relevant for us.
– Tiffanie & John

Rob was recommended to us from a friend of ours who had just had their warranty inspection done. Rob did our warranty inspection, and it was fantastic! Best money I ever spent.
– Michael & Lisa

Thank you, Rob. Both Robert and I were thoroughly impressed and enjoyed learning about our new home, despite the minor surprises. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions and to provide the much-needed detail we were looking for.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to giving a glowing recommendation to all those we know who are looking to book a home inspection.
– Isabella & Robert