Standard Inspections

Pre-purchase, Pre-delivery and Home Maintenance Inspections

Up to 1999 square feet
2000 to 2499 square feet
2500 to 2999 square feet
3000 to 3999 square feet$590.00
4000 to 4999 square feet
5000 square feet or larger
call for quote
Additional kitchen/basement apartment, homes up to 2,499 square feet, add
Homes 25 years of age or older, add
Finished basements are added to total square footage of homes 2,500 square feet or more

Warranty Inspections

HomeCore warranty inspections also include a full standard inspection. The standard inspection report is filled with recommendations and suggestions of non-warrantable items that will improve the life expectancy of system components as well as your enjoyment and comfort in the home. Homeowners should budget up to five hours for a typical HomeCore Warranty Inspection.

Up to 1999 square feet$560.00
2000 to 2499 square feet$590.00
2500 to 2999 square feet$620.00
3000 to 3999 square feet$650.00
4000 to 4999 square feet$750.00
5000 square feet or largercall for quote

Prelist Inspections


add $50.00 to what????

Condominium Apartments (excludes common elements)


Up to 999 square feet$400.00
1000 to 1499 square feet$450.00
1500 square feet or greaterRefer to Standard Inspection rates.

Multi-Plex Buildings

Defined as any residential building with two or more units other than a standard basement apartment.

Base for first unit$500.00
Each additional unit$75.00
More than four additional unitscall for quote
Buildings 25 years of age or older, add$30

Single Item Inspection

Defined as any residential building with two or more units other than a standard basement apartment.

Single item inspection (first 1.5 hours); includes email summary$350
Each additional .5 hour, if required$50
Formal written report with photos, if required
From $75

2010 Home Inspection Price List

*All prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to adjust any quote on-site due to incorrect or incomplete information provided at the time of booking